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Layout for Hildon Desktop on Mer

General outline: here

Pre-artwork implementation:

New-artwork ideas:

Touch pixel sizes from


Implemented in h-d, r1145

  • Height: 52px, Width: As wide as the screen
  • Position: Top of screen, disappears in full screen.

Background: marquee_background.png, 18x52, repeating

Width of screen = 90*3+A*56+S, A integer, X = 1/3 * A, Y = 2/3 * A, S remainder

A = (Width of screen - 90 * 3) / 56 (integer division)

S = Width of screen - 180 - A * 56

First element: Application menu button

Implemented, h-d r1147

Second element: Menu button

Implemented in lp:~mer-committers/m-r/marquee-plugins r2

Third element: Quick task switcher

Implemented in h-d r1148

Fourth element: Slack

What remains of Screen width - ((X+Y) * 52) - 180

Fifth element: Status bar

Implemented in h-d, r1149

Sixth element: The magic X

Implemented in h-d, r1150

Icons for closing within this: