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Possibly a list of all websites mentioning Mer needs a separate page?
Possibly a list of all websites mentioning Mer needs a separate page?

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In an effort to publicize the Mer project, this page has been created to answer many FAQs regarding media publication.

Formats and Copyrights

When creating media assets, such as text, pictures, or videos, use open formats and use a permissive copyright license. For example, uploading a video to YouTube locks that content away in a closed Flash Video format and restricts distribution with YouTube's copyright terms of use. Instead, use or another web hosting provider that can host the media files without restrictions. Use YouTube only as a secondary publication method.

We want your media used! Bloggers, journalists, and other people promoting Mer are all looking for media to include with their stories. By making your copyright license visible and easily fulfilled, you can help these people use your media, in their stories.


Use either watermarking or exif tags to show your copyright license. Use a Creative Commons license, since these are legally stronger than a "Public Domain License" which is not valid in many counties. If you require attribution, then provide that information. Make it easy for people to use your work. If in doubt, then use CC-SA (Creative Commons Share-Alike) which is very permissive.


Add text to your video showing which copyright license is used, or use meta-data tags to show your copyright license. Again, if you require attribution, then give this information. If in doubt to what license to use, then use CC-SA (see above). One solution to open file distribution is hosting your file on in Ogg Theora format (use ffmpeg2theora to convert it from your existing format). Using Ogg Theora ensures that it can be used in HTML5 video webpages, and that open format can be converted to a more restricted format or web service.

Press Releases

Use this section to discuss and link to Mer press releases. Create templates that can be used over and over again.

List of Media Files

Made your media available online? List it below so it can be included in future Mer press releases!



Mer in the News

May 2009 Interview

Possibly a list of all websites mentioning Mer needs a separate page?