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  osc lspkg  Maemo:Mer:Devel:Unmodified
  osc lspkg  Maemo:Mer:Devel:Unmodified
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C# like language for the GObject system
C# like language for the GObject system

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osc lspkg  Maemo:Mer:Devel:Unmodified


[edit] Maemo:Mer:Devel:Unmodified

[edit] gst-plugins-base0.10

Automatically generated description for gst-plugins-base0.10. Should come from debs?

[edit] gstreamer0.10

Automatically generated description for gstreamer0.10. Should come from debs?

[edit] libelf

The elf library provides routines to access, and manipulate, Elf object files. It is still not complete.

This development library is only needed if you intend to compile, or write, your own programs with this library. It holds the static linking library (.a), and the required .so link to To run programs linked with this library, install the libelfg0 package.

It is required by prelink and used in the SDK and build env.

[edit] libetpan

The purpose of this mail library is to provide a portable, efficient framework for different kinds of mail access. When using the drivers interface, the interface is the same for all kinds of mail access, remote and local mailboxes.

[edit] libgee

Automatically generated description for libgee. Should come from debs?

[edit] mesa

Automatically generated description for mesa. Should come from debs?

[edit] pygobject

Automatically generated description for pygobject. Should come from debs?

[edit] vala

C# like language for the GObject system