0.17 is not released yet.

Testing6 is now available:

NOTE: ctrl+shift+x should bring up the cursor.
NOTE: N8x0, Q5, Q7 is rendered using GL software rendering and is hence, slower than a turtle trying to drag a car through a bumpy road.

Bugs in 0.17testing8

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Bugs in 0.17testing6

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1. Unzipped .vdmk file won't boot in VirtualBox. (Read only) rlinfati no repro, work ok for me

2. Hitting 'return' in Fusion Virtual machine only brings up on screen keyboard. I cannot enter any data into terminal. rlinfati Workaround: press control + enter, now, how disable screen keyboard?

3. Using the version VMDK, some programs are broken (missing dependency). The mouse does not work in Tear.O Blueman program does not work. (Automatic translation)