(What is gc?)
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What is gc?

I don't know, what is gc? --Dave Neary 11:13, 3 February 2010 (UTC)

gc backlog

(Importance: Essential, High, Normal, Bell, Whistle. Everyone knows bells come before whistles)

Several items overlap. This is expected.

Sortable table
Functionality Description Importance Class Completion
Tap to control Use a sequence of taps to control various features such as mute Bells
Location support Identifying when the device is within a configurable range of arbitrary predefined locations. Whistles
GPIO support Ability to monitor GPIO devices and states (e.g.: Power button) Essential
'Screensaver' Power saving: dim the screen after a period of inactivity Essential
Power management Power saving: turn off the screen and enable other power saving features based upon input triggers Essential
Detect keyboard open/close On devices with a keyboard, use the sliding of the keyboard as an input Essential