N900 Hardware Power Consumption

you can do it yourself, but you must be tech savvy. Or you can send it away to Amazon for about the cost of [...]+shipping chgeras and they'll replace it for you. *You can expand your memory on the Nook and on the Sony touch. The Kindle you cannot, though the Kindle will hold 3,500 books, don't know if you need more space then that?! *Nook has a fancy color touch screen at the bottom. While the Sony touch has a touch screen(the entire screen), it was slow to respond, very klunky and not very pretty. The kindle is loaded with buttons along the outside of the screen. * all three have a built in dictionary, which I think is just awesome. *The new kindle now meets with the nook on their slim width. People used to say the nook was more comfortable to hold because of the width, now the kindle will be as well. *Yet, the Nook is heavier by about 3 oz then the Kindle or Sony. *The Nook battery life lasts about 10 days with wifi off, the Sony has 14 days, and the new kindle is up to a month with wifi off(3 weeks with it on)This wasn't a big deal to me, and I was more interested in the other features the Nook DID have, like replaceable battery and expandable memory. *And you may be wondering, why did I purchase a Sony Touch, and then scamper back hours later to return it? Well. When I got it out of the box, it wasn't techy enough for me. It felt like a very basic, bare bones E-reader. And I already had in my head all the things you hear about the nook: books more expensive, and for some reason I thought it wasn't epub friendly. But the moment I had that Sony in my hand, I went to look at the nook more indepth online. The Sony online library was nothing in comparison to Kindle's Amazon.com or Nook's Barnes & Noble. One of my favorite reads recently was The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It was nowhere to be found on Sony. That gave me a bad taste in my mouth. *In the past people have complained that Barnes & Noble is significantly more expensive then Amazon. I did some price comparisons of big titles, and found them most of the time to be exactly the same. I think Barnes & Noble might be trying to keep in line with Amazon to draw more readers(Like ME!) into getting the Nook. On the whole, the nook is everything I wanted. I've downloaded some free classics from google books, I've taken out library ebooks Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0  | a0