Ovi Maps Extra Features



What is Ovi Maps Extra Features

Ovi Maps Extra Features is a project that's been worked on to bring enhancements and extra features to Ovi Maps on the N900. It began as adding simple functionality, but has progressed to adding voice commands and spoken street names.

Currently the features present in the latest release include:

  • Addition of two extra buttons when routing
    • First button is to show all maneouvers in the current route and allows them to be turned on and off.
    • Second button shows Points of interest on the map, again allowing them to be turned on and off. Further customizations of Points of Interest is discussed below.
  • Brought back 3D view of maps which was removed through an update
  • Added extra menu to customize POIs
  • Added voice capability with spoken languages (requires server, details below)
  • Voice capability also allows for spoken street names through espeak
  • Added feature to allow saved results to be displayed offline (still experiemental)

Features explained


With PR1.2, manuevour support was added so that when selecting a junction, its appropriate icon will be displayed. This functionality has been extended to allow all maneuvour icons to be displayed through a simple button, hence allowing the user to know what turns are approaching. The button is only displayed while traveling to a destination (needs a valid route to display manevours for), and hence will only be visible at times of routing. This button requires a new icon which can be added manually or automatically through the latest version of omVoiceServer.

{information on how to edit manuevour button can be added here}

Points Of Interest While Driving

Ovi Maps supports points of interest display on the map however the default is only transport icons, hence an extra button was added to enable POIs to be displayed and removed, as well as a new menu which allows for customizations of catagories. These catagories can be modified further if the user requires catagories other than the default ones. Similarly to the Manevours button, the button for POI is only availble while routeing. A new icon is again available.

{information on how to change POI can be added here}