This is a skeleton outline for adding info that people find useful or think may be useful to others. Any non-intuitive features should be documented.

The panucci User Manual


About This Manual

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Install from the installation manager. Or it can be obtained here


panucci is primarily a podcast player, though it can be used as a music player.


  • auto memorize playback position on exit
  • resumes from memorized position when track is next played
  • Easy, single handed operation
  • Skip forward/backwards (short skip and long skip)
  • support for mp3 and ogg playback

Using panucci

Panucci is mostly intuitive. This manual is intended to describe areas that might not be immediatly obvious.

Accessing audio

Opening audio

The 'Open' menu brings up a file manager which can be used to select individual audio tracks.

Opening playlists

From the 'Open' menu, select a playlist file instead of an individual track.

Saving playlists

There is no menu option to save playlists - instead, if you have generated a playlist and make a selection that would change it (eg selecting a new track) you will be asked if you want to save the playlist first.

Creating playlists

See this post.

Playback controls

The long press functions will come in at version 0.4

|<< and >>|
  Short press: Skip backward/forward by the amount contained by
    the "seek_long" gconf setting (default: 60 seconds).
  Long press: Skip backward/forward by one track in the playlist.

[*] (the bookmark button)
  Short press: Create a bookmark at the current position
  Long press: Switch to the playlist tab and highlight the
    current track.


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