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* [ Update - OS2007]
* [ Update - OS2007]
* [ Update - OS2008]
* [ Update - OS2008]

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Warning: It is necessary to remove ALL applications that depends on Python2.4 BEFORE you remove python2.4-runtime. This is necessary to ensure that all python2.4 packages will be correctly removed.

PyMaemo is taken as a dependency for other applications and it isn't listed by Application Manager anymore. This way if you choose to install PyMaemo by yourself follow the steps below:

OS2007 OS2008
Open Application Manager Open Application Manager
ApplicationManager->Tools->Application catalogue... ApplicationManager->Tools->Application catalogue...
There is any bora-extras? If no, add them clicking New button Edit Maemo Extras
Catalogue Name: bora-extras Uncheck disabled box
Web address: Click OK and wait refresh
Distribution: bora
Components: free non-free
Click OK and wait refresh

Now run x-term application, to get a command line prompt. Your device must be in RD mode. This is done using sudo flasher --enable-rd-mode.

Inside x-term type (hit ENTER after each line):

  • sudo /usr/sbin/gainroot
  • apt-get update
  • apt-get install python2.5-runtime

When asked to agree, choose Y. Now wait until python is being installed.
If you want to install Python on Maemo SDK (scratchbox), check the steps here.

Installation on Maemo 5 beta (fremantle)

Given that currently only the SDK is available, PyMaemo is supposed to be installed only inside Scratchbox, as instructed in PyMaemo/SDKInstallation.


To run an update it is possible to use the install files.