This is a page that will hold information about the QSportsEvent app. The initial versions are targeting updated scores and tables for football (soccer). Future versions will include other sports and additional features. The objective of QSportsEvent is:

To maximize the experience of following sports events by leveraging the capabilities of the mobile device.

The data is retrieved from the SoccerDB site. You are encouraged to make donations to that project. The community is encouraged to suggest additional data sources.

The thread to follow on talk.maemo.org is QSportsEvent - FIFA World Cup and Football App.

Please note that by the time the app will hit Extras it will have been renamed to MobiTifo.


Do not install QSportsEvent from extras-devel at the moment as you are likely to encounter dependency issues. The long story is long, the short story is that Qt apps need PR1.2 to be released.

Fremantle (Nokia N900)

  1. Manually uninstall any previous versions first (I've never tested installing on top on an existing one)
  2. Your database will be replaced, so you will loose all your favourites and all URLs you have entered (I will try to figure out a solution for this...)
  3. The app does use your Internet connection and there is no 'optimization'. The pages and data downloaded are not huge, so there should not be a big problem, but at least you've been warned...
  4. There is a dependency on libqt4-webkit and libqt4-xmlpatterns. If you need it, you have to be root and once you are, you can do:
    apt-get install libqt4-webkit libqt4-xmlpatterns
  5. Install the .deb file manually from this link and launch it from the file manager. Please note that I am now hosting it on its own site as the size of the .deb file is larger than what I'm allowed to upload as an attachment to a post on talk.maemo.org.

Please note that, just like with the previous dependency, it seems that the app dies the first time you try to launch it. After that, it should be OK.

If you don't know how to do that you should probably wait for it to appear in the repositories.

Diablo (Nokia 8xx)

For Diablo it IS possible to download from Extras-Devel! Some users have reported issues with the 'SQL plugin'. You might have to install the following packages as well to get it to work:

apt-get install libqt4-sql-sqlite2 libqt4-sql

User Guide

  1. Select
  2. Favourites
  3. Matches
  4. Table
  5. News
  6. Update Score

Future versions of the User Guide might be written as Google Docs.

UI Customization

One of the new features is that the UI will be somewhat 'user configurable'. In Qt, stylesheets can be applied to application widgets. These stylesheets can be read from a file and be changed in runtime. There will be a .qsportsevent/user folder where you can put your own matches.css, table.css, select.css, news.css and favourites.css files with the stylesheets to be used in those respective tabs of the application. Instructions as to exactly what and how you can use it can be found in the Qt documentation, tutorial and some examples. As an example, it should be possible for you to change the background image (your favourite team's stadium? a team picture? your girlfriend??) and the appearance of the 'matches' and 'table' tables.

A good source of images would probably be FutbolWallPapers.


background-image: url(/home/user/MyDocs/DCIM/20100501_001.jpg);

In the sample file, the full path is preceeded by a ':' character. You should NOT use it! It is only needed when the item is taken from a Qt resource file. For user customization you will take it directly from the file system, so you shouldn't use that prefix!

The other 'user configurable' feature is the rendering of the RSS feeds. You'll find this file in .qsportsevent/user/rss.xsl.

Find samples in the attachment. Please note that the default implementation has the same stylesheet for all tabs, so I only attach one example. To be able to upload files to TMO, they have to have an 'acceptable' extension, that's why I had to add .txt. You don't need that on the device.

Please note that upgrades to newer versions of QSportsEvent might delete your files that you store in these folders, so please make sure to keep backups of them in other locations!

Be creative! Share screenshots, xsl, css and image files on the forum! I'm more than willing to change the default ones that come with the application with better looking examples provided by the community!

Please note that this is very experimental! I have barely tested it myself! I include it mainly because I don't want to spend too much time on the appearance of the UI and prefer to concentrate on functionality. Besides, implementing the feature only took 15-20 minutes anyway... Ok, it took longer to write these instructions :)

I can't guarantee that this feature will remain in the app, but I don't see any reason why not...

Release Plans

Version 0.0.5 (Previous) was downloaded 99 times.

Version 0.0.6 (Previous) was downloaded 51 time. It was released on Tuesday 27th April. The main changes were:

  1. It is now possible to download full league information from SoccerDB, both current and historical data. Two new 'tabs' are available for that purpose: 'Downloaded Matches' and 'Downloaded Table'.
  2. It is possible to select the round of matches to look at.
  3. In the 'favourites' tab it is now possible to select a default league. That will be the one that will be opened when QSportsEvent is launched.
  4. Background images should now be correct in all tabs. They were not in 0.0.5.
  5. This version will NOT be uploaded to Extras-Devel (except for Diablo) due to the well known issue with Qt based applications and the non-release of PR1.2.

Version 0.0.7 - Stadio Olimpico di Roma (Current) was released on Thursday 6th May. The main changes are:

  1. Much faster download of full league results. Now it should take 3-5 seconds.
  2. In the 'Downloaded Matches' tab is possible to select by Team as well as by round.
  3. When a RSS URL is selected, an XSL will be applied to it to render it in a readable fashion.
  4. Partially user configurable UI using Qt widget stylesheets and XSL for the news page.
  5. Did I mention live scores?

Version 0.0.8 - Santiago Bernabeu (Imminent)

  1. In the 'Downloaded Table' tab, it should be possible to view the table standings for a specific round, not only the most recent situation.
  2. Chat.
  3. Predictions.
  4. UI adjustments.
  5. Am. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Icehockey and Tennis live scores.
  6. Slightly optimized network utilization
  7. Ability to update SoccerDB results has temporarily been removed due to lack of tabs...

Version 0.0.9 - San Siro or Allianz Stadium (Future)

  1. Flag icons instead of country name in the 'regions' of the 'Favourites' tab (Makes the .deb too big and thus exceeding the max size allowed to upload to a post on tmo...) .
  2. Bugfix version only.
  3. This will be the candidate for pushing to Extras-Testing. Help will be needed for testing this one.
  4. If PR1.2 is released, this might make it to Extras-Devel, but don't count on it too much...

Version 0.1.0 (Future)

  1. This is the one for Extras-Testing and (hopefully...) Extras

Version 0.1.1 (Future)

  1. Make use of some features from Qt4.6, most notably portrait mode where it makes sense

Version 0.1.2 (Future) and others...

  1. tbd...

Version 0.2.0 (Future)

  1. This is the 'World Cup ready' version with all the features to allow us to fully enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2010!.

How to report issues and feature requests

At the moment, the best way to report issues and suggestion is to post them to the thread on talk.maemo.org or to send an email to qsportsevent@gmail.com.