Red Pill mode

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WARNING: Red Pill mode is very likely to break your tablet and should not be used unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Activating Red Pill mode

Go to "Tools > Application catalogue", click "New", enter "matrix" into the "Web Address" field, click "Cancel". Choosing the red pill will activate the red pill mode, obviously, and chosing the blue one will deactivate it.

Prior to version 4.29 of the osso-application-installer package, the following was different in red pill mode:

The AM would list all packages, not just the ones in section "user".

It would allow you to install every package with "Install from file", not just the ones in section "user".

It would list the dependencies of a package in the "Details" dialog.

Starting with version 4.29 (available in Sardine), red pill mode will put more options into the "Tools > Settings" dialog. They are described in


Some users on the Maemo mailing lists have reported problems when updating applications in "red pill" mode. You should probably be in "blue pill" mode unless you are installing one of the extra packages.