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* Otherwise, use Notekeeper. Notekeeper 2.1.1 enables you to manage your personal notes and synchronize them with a personal EverNote account. Step by step procedure:
* Otherwise, use Notekeeper. Notekeeper 2.1.1 enables you to manage your personal notes and synchronize them with a personal EverNote account. Step by step procedure:
** First, create a personal EverNote account.
** First, create a personal EverNote account.
** Second, install notekeeper 2.1.1 (see on your n9.
** Second, install [ Notekeeper 2.1.1]
** Third, run it on your n9 and login with your evernote email. After validating your password, you get a blank page. Go back (left arrow) and you get a "authorize device" page. Select "for one year" and enjoy !
** Third, run it on your n9 and login with your Evernote email. After validating your password, you get a blank page. Go back (left arrow) and you get a "authorize device" page. Select "for one year" and enjoy !
=== Phone ===
=== Phone ===

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As of 2015 and later, the N9 is an orphan in the world of mobile phones. No other MeeGo-based phones have been released to the public, and much of the corporate support offered has now been gone. Firmware and flashers are no longer available from Nokia, the Ovi Store has withdrawn all N9/N950 apps, and the forums are no more.

The good news is that the N9 lives on, with the support of members of the Maemo community. Whether you've just acquired an N9, or are dusting off an old device, this page will help you get up to speed.



You may wish to consider whether to re-flash your phone's firmware. Even if you are already on the latest firmware (40.2012.21-3, PR 1.3), you may need to re-flash if you are interested in the following:

  • Open-Mode Kernel disables Nokia's Aegis security system. This is easier to install on a freshly re-flashed device.
  • Ubiboot allows you to boot alternative kernels or operating systems. Requires the use of the Open-Mode kernel.
  • Changing Firmware Variant, e.g. in order to gain localised applications. There are limitations to which firmware variants you can change to/from. See Flashing N9 for further details.

Regardless of your reason for flashing your device, you MUST read the Flashing N9 page thoroughly in order to understand the risks, and how to flash your device successfully.

See also: Firmware flashing discussion thread

Nokia Store and Repositories

A mirror of Nokia's software repositories is hosted on This contains copies of the free system software and apps for the N9, including most (if not all) of the free apps that were available on the Nokia Store (which no longer works). Another mirror, contains the developer packages required for enabling Developer mode.

To use these repositories, you must disable Nokia's repositories, and replace them. Installing the N9 RepoMirror package will do this for you.

  • On your phone, open Settings/Applications/Installations, and enable the option 'Allow installations from Non-Store sources'.
  • From your PC, navigate to
  • Download the .deb file onto your PC and transfer it to your N9 through Bluetooth.
  • On your N9, in the notification view, touch the transferred file, it should run the installation of n9-repomirror.

Some users have reported problems with the latest version (0.7.2). Using an older version (0.6.0) seems to help in this instance.

See also: N9 RepoMirror discussion thread

App store

MeeShop is a brand new Python-powered CLI app store for Nokia N9. For now, it allows to browse Wunder Wungiel's repository, but in future it will include entire OpenRepos. You can get latest version on GitHub:

Warehouse was a package browser for OpenRepos. It allowed you to browse, select and install packages directly from your device, in a similar way to the Nokia Store app worked. As Warehouse uses an expired certificate - DST Root CA X3 (since the 29th of September 2021), it does not work anymore today You can use OpenRepos Mirror by Wunder Wungiel instead: Just visit it on N9 and enjoy.

Channel, group and repo with apps & games

Wunder Wungiel created Telegram groups for Maemo and MeeGo, where he uploads apps & games and other stuff:

To access repository via "user-friendly" way:

But, there is also APT repo way! Just install Repo Installer. This will allow you to browse repository via MeeCatalog app and install apps via Aegis-apt-get..

Files Managers

These file managers are directly downloadable and installable on N9:

Two other files managers are NOT installable after being transfered through Bluetooth:

See the "Apps" section (below) for it explains how to install them (with Terminal and command line "sudo aegis-dpkg ..." ).

Developer Mode

Enabling Developer Mode requires the installation of additional developer packages. As the original Nokia repositories are no longer available, you must install N9RepoMirror first.

To enable Developer Mode:

  • Connect your N9 to your WiFi/your network
  • Open Settings/Security/Developer mode, and enable the option 'Developer mode'.
  • After downloading the base packages, your phone will restart. You will find some extra apps such as Terminal are now installed.
  • You can now enable further options, including logging, power analysis and IPv6 from Settings/Security/Developer Mode.


Pre-requisites: developer mode must be activated.

  • Run N9 QTweakAll, press <Enter> key twice (for passing the PDF part) and follow this steps:
    • Letter EE : install FasterN9 (option 3 ) then select the unstable version 1.1.7 (option 2)
    • Letter KK : change the priority of smartsearch (option 7) then select Change (option 1). This will decrease the priority of smartsearch from 100 to 10 and therefore prevent the known issues of smartsearch (CPU work load).

Enable automatic network connection

Under the settings page you can define how the phone will connect to different networks. Go to Settings>Internet connection>Edit networks. There you can select which networks will be automatically used and which ones manually. Unfortunately this does not work any more because it requires a working connection to and (you guessed it) the server is not longer running. BUT there is an easy fix. Just open the terminal and edit the file /etc/hosts, e.g. via nano. Add one line to redefine the IP to point for

NB : points to


Most of them are no longer easily installable because some certificates are too old (the install process fails because of that). However here is a solution:

  • Pre-requisites: developer mode must be activated!
  • Install Aegis-install hack from CODeRUS: . N9-QTweakall can install it (EE option).
  • Download the needed .deb file from and transfer it to your N9, say the /Downloads folder
  • Then run Terminal and run :

sudo aegis-dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads/myapp.deb (default password of root is rootme)

Edit 1 : I recommand you to use openssh. It enable you to open an SSH connection from your PC to your N9. From this SSH connection, you can run easily any command you need. User is user. Password is rootme. User's password is modifiable through n9qtweak.


Works with fix, and two other weather apps are available

  • MeeCast is fully functional and well integrated with Harmattan (widget on lockscreen and events view). Use OpenWeatherMaps as source.
  • Gismeteo is fully functional and uses MSN as source. However it does not provide widgets.


Partially Working

Synchronization is not trivial in 2022. As main providers have stopped support, we must search for more confidential providers that still support Harmattan or EAS :

  • EAS (Exchange Active Sync) protocol :
  1. Microsoft Outlook Exchange Active Sync stopped to work by March 2022. The domain or server seem to be OFF. KO.
  2. A long time ago, Google supported EAS but stopped to do so by 2013. KO.
  3. Fortunately provides good alternative: it provides a calendar events/contacts/tasks solution accessible through an EAS connection. For memotoo, Domain is :, server is :
  • CalDAV protocol :
  1. Google abandons CalDAV by 2013. KO.
  2. NextCloud CalDAV (Zaclys, Framagenda...) is not compliant with N9 CalDav agent (logins fail). KO.
  3. Orange CalDAV (Sabre server) is half compliant with the N9 CalDAV agent (only upload works, not download). KO.
  4. works well with the CalDAV agent of our Nokia N9. The CalDAV settings for your beloved n9 is : . Only events are synchronized however (no tasks sync).
  5. Fruux CalDAV (Sabre server) works well with the CalDAV agent of our Nokia N9 as well. Fruux supports N9 and Sailfish through dedicated bridges. Only events are synchronized however (no tasks sync). Step by step procedure :
    1. Register a Fruux account. Wait the validation mail...etc.
    2. Connect to Fruux and go here :
    3. Scroll down and click on "Nokia N9 Calendar"
    4. Give a nickname of your N9, click Next.
    5. Now, copy given IDs (user, pwd, url) in a safe place and send them to your N9. Save
    6. Back to your N9, add a new CalDAv Account and use the IDs.
    7. Everything works so far (sync in both ways).

PS : For Android devices, it's easier : Fruux provides a CalDAv Synchronization Agent (see here ). Run it and log in with your regular Fruux Account (sandwich menu : options). By this way, we can share Cal Events between the N9 and Android devices.


Partially Working

  • EAS (Exchange Active Sync) protocol :
  1. Microsoft Outlook Exchange Active Sync (EAS) stopped to work by March 2022. The domain or server seems OFF now. KO
  2. fortunately AND provide a Contact sync support through an EAS connection. See Calendar section just above.
  • CardDAV protocol : no plugin for such integration :-( KO.
  • Google :
  1. see here
  2. Warning 1 : I was unable to install it correctly since some python-qtmobility libraries are missing on my N9. I didnt manage to install them with "sudo apt-get -f* install". I guess we have to download them first and then to install them with "sudo aegis-dpkg ...". You may find them here :
  3. Warning 2 : Google stops the "Less Secure Apps" option by May 2022.


No one is accessible from a "fresh" N9 but ...

In 2022, no freshly installed file manager is still able to connect to any Clouds.

If your FilesPlus app was installed and configured to connect Google Drive BEFORE 2022, it will continue to do so in 2022 (!). The (permanent?) Token is located in /home/user/.filesplus/GCDClient.dat file. It's a Hexa file with ASCII characters. Perhaps hackable ?

If you plan to RESET your N9, copy this file in a SAFE location. You will need to restore it after the reset.



As OVI server are down, we have to change some links & behaviors.

  • Install and run Nokia Drive Enabler.
  • open /home/user/.config/Nokia/Maps.conf and check this line is present in [General] : isSsoEnabled=False
  • open /home/user/.config/Nokia/Drive.ini and check this line is present in [Generalsettings] : ssoDone=True
  • Change the SUPL resource for GPS FIX because resource is dead :
    • First method : run N9 QTweakAll and change the GPS Fix provider to ""
    • Second method : edit /etc/xdg/nokia/location-settings.conf file :
      • devel-su
      • nano /etc/xdg/nokia/location-settings.conf
      • enter in Edition mode with ctrl-o
      • Edit two parameters: PrimarySuplServer and SecondarySuplServer
        • SecondarySuplServer=a value among,,
      • Quit and save (ctrl-x...)

The GPS FIX should be quicker from now, at least outdoor.

PS: don't forget to calibrate the compass before driving. The GPS FIX needs an accurate compass !!!

See the Maps section for the second step : download and install the maps, POI, voices...


Works with fix

Use Facebook repack by Wunder Wungiel. It replaces Facebook launcher with brand new one, opening Facebook mBasic page

Google Hangouts

Not Working anymore

Google deprecated Google Hangouts by 2022. It's DEAD.



  • Exchange Account:
  1. Microsoft Outlook Exchange Active Sync (EAS) is OFF since March 2022. The domain or server seems to be OFF. KO.
  2. And unfortunately do NOT provides a solution for mails. KO.
  • Gmail: see IMAP & SMTP section just below.
  • IMAP & SMTP: pure mail accounts work well as long as you know their SMTP and IMAP servers settings. Here are few examples:
  1. Outlook Mail Accounts work well with (SSL,993) and (TLS,587) servers
  2. Gmail Accounts should work if you follow this procedure : [1]



Use MAPD (Map Downloader) fixed by Wunder Wungiel. It allows to download maps easily using server.

Messages (SMS and IM)

Partially working

First, install Harmoji, an Emoji SMS Fix. It consists of a patcher utility and a drop-in library that fixes a bug in libsms-utils, causing incoming SMS containing Emoji characters to be silently dropped. Harmoji adds extra keyboards. After installation, you have to activate them through Settings / Time and dates / Text input. And don't forget to enable Harmoji keyboards through N9QTweak : Letter D then option 7 then 1 then reboot.

If you send SMS, the recommended version is 0.6.6 and it's available here : Otherwise you can install the 0.7.3 version, it provides more extra keyboards.

Second, install ExtraPlugins. It provides many plugins for ICQ, AOL, MSN, QIP, Yahoo, Jabber/XMPP accounts. Nowadays ICQ, AOL, MSN, QIP, Yahoo are DEAD. Only Jabber/XMPP works.

For Google chat, see hang-out section just above.

Jabber is an open source messaging system. Anyone can install its own jabber/xmpp server. You can even phone to any jabber/xmpp contacts whatever their own server!

As almost all BIG companies abandoned this protocol (see Facebook section...), you must discover available servers, conferences(multi users chat) and users by yourself.... See here for servers. And see for most attended conferences. I recommend you to use Pidgin of Gajim on your PC for fetching more easily available resources.


  • Install ExtraPlugins, it provides a plugin for Jabber/XMP account management.
  • Add your Jabber.XMPP account (in Account Manager).
  • Optionally install Multi-User Chats (harmmucs).

NB: Harmoji fixes the Emoji issue on jabber/xmpp incoming messages as well. See here for all information about it :

Music Store

Not working anymore

Notes (with synchronization)


Here are 2 possible solutions.

  • If you assume a "Note" is a "Calendar Task", create an account (see Calendar section). Then manage your Notes as Tasks through the Calendar "stock" app.
  • Otherwise, use Notekeeper. Notekeeper 2.1.1 enables you to manage your personal notes and synchronize them with a personal EverNote account. Step by step procedure:
    • First, create a personal EverNote account.
    • Second, install Notekeeper 2.1.1
    • Third, run it on your n9 and login with your Evernote email. After validating your password, you get a blank page. Go back (left arrow) and you get a "authorize device" page. Select "for one year" and enjoy !


Fully functional



Install gPodder.

Edit: gPodder requires a lot of additional libraries (python-***). If you encounter errors during installation, run this command for automatic installation of missing libraries : sudo apt-get -f install

Radio (internet)


  • Install InternetRadioPlayer or MeeRadio or CuteRadio
  • For MeeRadio, follow these steps :
    • Create one .m3u file per station (no space in this file name, please).
    • Copy yours .m3u files into /home/user/MyDocs or /home/user/private
    • Go in the List tab of MeeRadio, your should see your .m3u files here.
    • You may add some station into the "Preferred stations" tab IF the name of the .m3u file does not contain any SPACE.

Radio (FM)

Working WITH handset

  • Download the following 4 files from openrepos into a folder on the device, say the /Downloads folder:
  • Then login as root user devel-su with password rootme, then:
dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads/fmrx*
dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads/qmlradio_0.0.9_armel.deb
  • Or
sudo aegis-dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads/fmrx*
sudo aegis-dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads/qmlradio_0.0.9_armel.deb


Not Working anymore (SSL handshake fails)

Quickddit provided most of basic functionalities and connection to your Reddit account. Unfortunately, SSL handshake fails now, so nothing works.


Fully functional

I strongly recommend you to decrease the priority of the smartsearch Cron. You can do that easily with N9QTweak in the Files Tweaker section. It decreases the prio to 10%. This avoids some lags.


Not working anymore


Partially Working

  • MPGram - PHP-based web Telegram client. Really functional and nice.
  • MeeGram (Releases) - new Telegram client for MeeGo. Based on Qt, is really comfortable and cute. Under development.


Not working anymore

The stock app does not work anymore. Until mid 2019, the Tweetian app was an alternative but it does not work anymore as well since July 2019 :-(

Just for memory, here was the procedure to go through the authentification process with tweetian :

  • install and run Opera Mobile
  • install and run Tweetian
  • once Tweetian opened a page in the stock browser, copy/paste the link into Opera Mobile, you should obtain the precious secret number for validating your connection by this way.


Partially Working

You can try these browsers:

With time, some of the SSL root certificates have expired. Additionally, available browsers do not support modern internet technologies.

Here is the HTML5 score (from best to worst) according to :

  • MeeFox 1.0.5  : 360/555
  • Opera Mobile 12.1 : 218/555
  • N9 Grob  : 205/555
  • Opera Mini 8  : 145/555
  • Firefox 15.0  : unable to perform the test (can't visit

Default browser seems to be the quickest.

MeeFox is very slow, but gets the highest score.

Opera Mini 8 gets a bad HTML5 score, however it bypasses SSL things and can open every site (although often not properly). works in a client/server way with an Opera "proxy" server in the middle (between you and the site, this proxy server seems to be located in Nederland). The web Pages are not running on your device but on the Opera proxy server and the HTML output is then send to your N9. I notice that sites with JavaScript are rarely usable.

Otherwise, try to find some pure HTML 2.0 sites. Here are some I know : , (Google news)...


Not working anymore

Wazapp uses a too old authenfication method. It fails at login.

Whatsup is banned on the Whatsapp servers side. And some say that you risk to be ban several weeks.


Partially Working

Use fixed YouTube launcher by Wunder Wungiel. It opens Invidious instance and allows to browse YouTube.