This page is a collection of problems you might encounter with your Maemo device, and suggestions for resolving them. Steps go from mildest to the most extreme solution in order.


Could your problems be bugs?

Very first thing to do, is to check if you have encountered a known bug. Bug jars can be found at Extras, Official applications and Official platform. The last post for each thread should be enough. If you can't find your issues there but think that you have a bug, you can contact Greeters and ask for help with filing a bug to Maemo Bugzilla

Boot issues

See troubleshooting boot issues

Menu issues

If, after installing an application, there are no applications in your main application menu, try troubleshooting menu issues.

Performance issues

Is your device sluggish and unresponsive?

Check if you have any applications installed that are known to be battery consuming and memory leaking applications. Also, check the batteries and make your battery last longer pages for general tips on improving your autonomy and making your batteries last longer.

Open terminal and see what following command tells you:


The program lists the programs that use the most of devices resources.

If you see Tracker, that means that device is indexing your data, searching your music, etc. It reads metadata from media files, improving your search user experience later on when browsing media. Tracker can take several hours to index all your data, but this should only occur once.

Disk space issues

If your rootfs is full, see article free up rootfs space One can test it with a command in terminal:

df -h |grep rootfs

output will be something like:

rootfs               227.8M    XXX.XM     YY.YM    ZZ.Z%  /

XXX.X is amount of space used, YY.Y is amount of space free, ZZ.Z is amount of space free in percentages.

Check if unnecessary applications run in background

Run the task switcher and close all applications that aren't needed. You can open the task switcher by tapping menu icon or pressing Ctrl + delete simultaneously.

Uninstall or remove applets

Applets running on your desktop, or in the system tray, can affect the battery life and performance adversely. If in doubt, remove applets and widgets you have installed, restart your device, and see if the performance has improved.

Remove possible unstable applications

If you have enabled Extras-devel -repository, you should look at the list of extras-devel programs and see if you have something installed from there.

Programs can interfere with each other. The cause of the problems are most probably newly installed application so those should be uninstalled in an inverted order: most recently installed first. After each uninstall, check if the problem disappears before uninstalling other software.

For power users only: If application manager is unable to remove some of the applications, you can always use terminal and command

apt-get remove applicationname

Last straw

Updating the tablet firmware is the last straw. It deletes all user data and reverts all settings to default. The eMMC (MyDocs) partition will be untouched unless you decide to flash that as well. Your settings and application list can be preserved through the application 'Backup'.