Bugs:Adding Extra products

This guide is for maintainers of applications/packages in Extras that want their package to be listed in maemo.org Bugzilla. (Note: If you have a small package, do not expect many bug reports and if you in general think that Bugzilla might be overkill for your package, you are of course free to set the XSBC-Bugtracker field in the Debian/control file to your email address instead.)

[edit] Required information and procedure

When Bugzilla administrators create new products, some information is required to create them properly.

  1. Provide the name of your product.
  2. Which subcomponents would you like to have? See for example Canola, but if you don't need that I will just recreate a "General" one.
  3. Provide a short description of your application. See the current list of packages for examples.
  4. Do you want to have a "Default Assignee" (a real email address of one person)? We recommend this as it is easier for reporters to see who is "responsible" for a product. If so, please make sure that you have an account with that exact address in maemo.org Bugzilla. If you are more developers it is probably better to not set it and instead to use the nobody@maemo.org default. If you have one person triaging all the incoming bug reports it might be useful to assign to this person by default so the triager can reassign after triaging.
  5. The "Default QA contact" will be general-bugs@applicationname.garage.bugs (the "general-" at the beginning depends on the name of the subcomponent) and everybody who is interested in the product's bug reports can add this virtual email address to his/her watchlist at the bottom of https://bugs.maemo.org/userprefs.cgi?tab=email .
  6. Which Versions and which Target Milestones would you like to have? If it's not important for you they can just be kept as undefined.
  7. Any users (=email addresses) in maemo.org Bugzilla that need appropriate rights ("canconfirm"/"editbugs") for editing/closing bug reports of your product?

Of course this can all still be changed later on.

[edit] Where to provide the information?

Send an email to "bugzilla at maemo.org" and replace the "at" by "@".