[edit] Information for people having access to Nokia's internal non-public Bugtracker

[edit] How to clone bugs from maemo.org Bugzilla to internal Bugtracker

  • If needed, summarize/improve the external report to save developers' time
  • Add the full maemo.org Bugzilla URL to the internal URL field
  • Add aklapper /at/ openismus /dot/ com to the internal CC list
  • Submit the internal report with number xxxxx
  • Add "int-xxxxx" to the Alias field in maemo.org Bugzilla. If needed, overwrite non "int-" Alias fields. If an "int-" Alias already exists, add a second one by "/int-xxxxx" (use common sense here)
  • Add aklapper /at/ openismus /dot/ com to the maemo.org Bugzilla CC list

[edit] Exceptions

Do not clone by default:

  • Issues in Development platform (normally handled in public)
  • Issues in Desktop platform\hildon-widgets (whether to clone is up to the developers themselves active in public Bugzilla)

[edit] When to set Target Milestone or Resolution in maemo.org Bugzilla

These instructions only apply for bug reports. For enhancement requests, see here.

  • Set Target Milestone to "Fremantle" in maemo.org Bugzilla when a bug has been fixed internally
  • Set Resolution to FIXED/WONTFIX/INVALID when a bug has been verified internally. Ask public reporter to verify if technically possible (fixed code available for public).