Community Council/Council election Q4 2012

The Maemo Community Council will have its next election in October 2012, electing a new council. The members will be elected for up to a 6 month term. The council election process is also being utilized to select the initial Board of Directors for the Hildon Foundation.

The election page will eventually be available here.


[edit] Layman's Terms

Unless your have time and energy to dedicate to the Maemo cause, DO NOT APPLY AS A CANDIDATE. The Community is headed for storm!

[edit] Election Details

Funding for by NOKIA is expected to end on 31st of December 2012. In the remaining months of 2012 the Council will keep the same functions as previously. It is possible that the Council will be taken in by the Board of Directors of the Hildon foundation. The exact nature of the Council in the Foundation is currently being established with the by-laws.

[edit] Election timetable

All deadlines are set at 23:59 UTC.

  • September 15: Election announced, nomination period opened [1]
  • Nomination period extended until 28 of October

[edit] Eligibility

The election processes are described in detail at Community Council/Election process.

In order to vote, a community member must have had account for over 3 months, (a account is NOT a account) and have karma of 10 or above. Candidates need to have a karma of 100 or higher. List of potential candidates Karma is earned through a variety of mechanisms, but to earn points for contributions on, you need to link account with profile.

[edit] Election material

Here you will find lists of potential candidates, statements from candidates, and other material related to the October 2012 elections.

[edit] Results - Board of Directors

The Maemo Community Council elected in May 2012 is as follows:

  1. Iván Gálvez Junquera / ivgalvez
  2. Randall Arnold / Texrat
  3. Tim Samoff / timsamoff