Brussels, 7-8 February 2009 About Fosdem -

[edit] Recommended sessions

With a topic and/or a speaker somehow related to Maemo (add your own choices):

[edit] Attendees

Please keep the list in alphabetical order by first name.

Name Nick Friday Beer Event ? Maemo Dinner ?
Andre Klapper andre__ Don't know yet (late arrival) Yes
Jeremiah Foster jeremiah Yes, but will be late-ish Yes
Juha Kallioinen kaltsi Arriving on Saturday Yes
Kees Jongenburger keesj No Yes
Lucas Maneos lma Yes Yes
Marc-Andre Lureau elmarco Probably not maybe
Marc Ordinas i Llopis marcoil Yes Yes
Marijn Kruisselbrink Mek Yes Probably not
Miia Ranta Myrtti Maybe
Nick Loeve trickie Yes
Pierre-Luc Beaudoin pierlux Yes Yes
Quim Gil qgil Yes Yes
Siarhei Siamashka ssvb Yes Yes
Valério Valério VDVsx Yes Yes
Zeeshan Ali zeenix Yes Yes
timeless No Yes

[edit] Dinner, anyone?

We have booked a big table for SATURDAY at 20h

Restaurant Au Boeuf qui Rit
32 Rue des Bouchers (the little street with plenty of seafood restaurants)
1000 Brussels

This one has been choosed because it has the big table and also options for fish, meat and I some vegetarian too. (also I had 5 minutes to find the place and run to FOSDEM)  :)

Some of us will meet at 19:15 at the main FOSDEM entrance. Otherwise you can just be there on time.

There is a GNOME Beer Event starting at 19h30 i La Porte Noire - Rue Alexiens, 67 (in the center, near the restaurant as well). It will last till late, GNOME sources say.

Add yourself to the list. We have made a reservation "for about 20 people" and a few more would fit if needed.

  • Kees Jongenburger
  • Quim
  • timeless
  • VDVsx
  • andre
  • zeenix
  • pierlux (maybe)
  • marcoil (maybe)
  • ssvb
  • kaltsi
  • lma (+1, in case reservation needed)
  • jeremiah [Please note I will be in the debian dev room announcing speakers until 19:00 at least.]