Game Boy handheld
Game Boy handheld

gpSP (game play SP) is a Game Boy Advance emulator, made by Exophase, for use with the Sony PlayStation Portable and GP2X video game systems. There have been ports to iPod (iOS), Maemo, Symbian and many others.

The PSP version runs most commercial games at full speed, however some still have problems from minor or severe glitches, while others are very slow. The GP2X version is similar to the PSP one, but typically slower. Unlike VisualBoyAdvance, which high-level emulates the GBA BIOS, gpSP requires a GBA BIOS file in order to operate.
Due to copyright reasons, this BIOS cannot be included with the emulator by Exophase, and users must dump it on their own using a Game Boy Advance flash cartridge. Some games do not need the BIOS file to play, however most do.

To date, gpSP has proven to be the most efficient, compatible and widely used of all GBA emulators for the PSP, GP2X.

Exophase has stopped working on the PSP version of GpSP, in favor of the GP2X and Pandora versions of gpSP. Future versions of gpSP will be closed source due to the constant third-party re-release of gpSP against Exophase's wishes.

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[edit] Installation

If you are installing a recent version for N900 (3.x), no tricks are required. Simply use apt-get or an app manager and you are good to go. Otherwise follow the instructions in the box below.

gpSP for Maemo is already avaiable on Maemo Repositories,

What means you can either use your favourite app manager to install it, or go through the following command on xterminal:

apt-get update
apt-get install gpspmgui

After you have installed gpSP, you must set right permissions to keys, folders, emulator, etc. that is pretty easy, and should be done by following these commands:

mkdir -p /home/user/.config/Team16/gpsp/
chmod 777 /opt/maemo/usr/games
chown user /opt/maemo/usr/games
chown -R user:users /home/user/.config/Team16
chmod 666 /opt/gpspm/conf.gpsp 

Does that seems like a lot to type? Well, it's worth it, you are getting a premium quality emulator on your hands for free, come on,

don't be lazy =)

[edit] How to uninstall

Just like with installation, in case of an up-to-date version for N900, all you need to do is to use apt-get or an app manager. If you want to delete also the save files, you can find them in the same directory as your games. If you are trying to uninstall an older version, read on.

If you wish to uninstall gpSP from your phone, simply use

app manager.

And that should uninstall gpSP from your device

x-term way

apt-get remove gpspmgui gpspm

also make sure to remove GBA games (no use without emu) and save states

rm /opt/maemo/usr/games/*.sav

[edit] How to run

Simply use the icon! Enjoy your games!

  • Make sure you have a copy of a gba_bios.bin on MyDocs.

Since we can't provide you one due to legal reasons, you can either dump one from a GBA, or download one through internet.

  • Once you've grabbed one, make sure to copy it into the MyDocs directory.

Then press the top bar menu of gpSP emulator > General settings > BIOS file. Then just select the gba_bios.bin file you copied to MyDocs and the GUI will make all the dirty work.

  • Next step is to select a directory where you stored your ROMs,

and the gui will automatically find and list all of them for you. Top bar menu > GUI config > Rom directory.

  • After that, the GUI may require reboot, so simply close it

and open again, your roms shall be listed for you. Notice they may be on .zip or .GBA or .gba roms.

  • Select a ROM you wish to play, and push the "Configure" button.

After this, a list of options will be shown to you, and these options are:

[edit] Options

- Screen options:

  • Unscaled : Native GBA resolution (240 x 160)
  • Scaled 2x : Twice GBA screen (480 x 320)
  • Scaled 3x : 3 times a GBA original screen (720 x 480)
  • Fullscreen : Fills up entire N900 screen (800 x 480)

- Frameskipping.:

  • Off : Do not skip any frames.
  • Auto : Skip up to N frames (N avaiable as an option), automatically and consecutively.
  • Manual : Always render 1 out of N + 1 frames, these frames will always be skipped.
  • Random Skipping : May make image in some games smoother, when image flickers, but may also make image quality worse, especially in high motion games.
  • Uniform Skipping : May make image on high motion games better, just the opposite of random skip.

- Audio Buffering.: Set the size (in bytes) of the audio buffer. Larger values may result in slightly better performance at the cost of latency; the lowest value will give the most responsive audio.

  • Please, notice that low values are buggy, so please be sure to only choose values above 4096 bytes.

- FF ( Fastforward ) Is supposed to make emulator run faster than normal, what can prove to be useful in some games (Subject to test workability).

[edit] How to play NES games

What you will need before starting (download links, and reference at the end)

  • PocketNES.gba file (available on PocketNES v9.98 package)
  • PocketNes menu maker

The PocketNes.gba file you can get from the Pocketness package, once you have it, as well as the Menu maker, copy it to the menu maker folder, open pnesmmw.exe > click on options > select the PocketNes.gba file from the PocketNes Rom option, then select your NES files using the Rom Path option ( Both first and second options, do it in any order ). Once you close the options your nes files should be listed, just chose ones, and click Make Rom, a file called PocketNESMenu.gba will be created, just rename it anyway you want, put on your device, and play.

Instructions were copied and edited from Summeli's official site, NES games shouldn't be listed on gpSP Working games list.

[edit] Some games workarounds

On some games, you will need workarounds for now to get them working.

-Kingdom Hearts

Simply, before the game freezes on intro video, quicksave the game, then load it back, it should work normally!

-Mario Advanced 4 (And probably many other games)

Refer to Summeli's post about patching GBA ROMs.

If other games works using the ROM patching solution, please post them on

the game compability list and link them here.

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