How to Install Octave

GNU Octave is a numerically oriented high level mathematical programming language. It is useful for science, engineering and maths, and it is mostly compatible with matlab.[1]


[edit] Installation

Note that octave is currently available in extras-devel, with one dependency in the SDK repository.

Please Note: Currently this is a rough outline of the steps to be taken. Steps other than these listed commands are required (eg: unpacking).

The following is a list of the steps I followed to install Octave on the Maemo 5 SDK:

[edit] Download and Unpack

Gnuplot: (I used version 4.2.6)

f2c/libf2c: This is where I got my version

(The f2c homepage is

Fort77: This is where I got my version.

(The fort77 homepage might be here

Octave: (I used the latest stable version (3.2.3).)

[edit] Install

  • Compile and Install Gnuplot
fakeroot make install
  • Compile and Install f2c and libf2c
cd src/
fakeroot make install
cd ../libf2c
cp f2c.h /usr/include/
cp libf2c.a /usr/lib/
  • Install fort77 script
cp fort77 /usr/bin
  • Compile and Install GNU Octave
./configure F77=fort77 CXXFLAGS=-pthread FLIBS=-lf2c
fakeroot make install

The main obstacles were installing f2c, libf2c and fort77 and finding the necessary configure options to compile and install octave.

The information used for installation can be found here:
Using gfortran or installing f2c and fort77
f2c / f77 Installation Instructions for Linux

[edit] References

  1. Octave,