Maemo-Italian Long Weekend

BIG FAT WARNING: this event is still vaporware

(please keep all tables sorted alphabetically / chronologically as applicable)

Maemo Italian Long Weekend (tentative name)

Date: most likely march/april 2010

Discussion thread on t.m.o.

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[edit] Interested in attending

Full name Username Coming from Main interest How sure?
Andrea Borgia aboaboit Castello d'Argile, Bologna, IT Dev training I'm the organiser :)
Andrea Carron hox Turin, IT 95%
Andrea Grandi andy80 Valencia, ES Open source / development 95% if it's after February
Aniello Del Sorbo anidel Twickenham, London, UK Open source / development 90%
Antonio Di Cello rafanto Platania (CZ) Calabria, IT
Carmine De Rosa dslaky Salerno, IT Open source Can organize for Salerno.
Claudio Mezzasalma lorthirk L'Aquila, IT Introductions to Maemo Dev & Community
Daniele Lacamera danielinux Bologna, IT 90%
Daniele Maio b0unc3 Milazzo (ME), Sicily, IT Open source / development 99%
Emanuele Vulcano millenomi Milano, IT Development 100% if Milan or near enough.
Francesco Baldassarri monoceros Bologna, IT Development 90%, it depends on location.
Gianluca Varisco gvarisco Milano, IT
Giuseppe Marzio Gmarzio Catania, IT
Gabor Ambrozy RenegadeFanboy Milano, IT Introductions to Maemo Dev & Community
Luca Donaggio donaggio Venezia, IT Application development Depending on location
Luca Franchi NataN_xy Avezzano, IT
Manuele Cappelleri corVONero Rome, IT Forensic (< 2hrs from Rome) ? 100%
Marco Barisione barisione Cambridge, UK GTK, Telepathy IM/VoIP framework 30%
Marco Poletti poletti_marco Parma, IT Fremantle devel, Qt devel 70%, if nothern Italy
Massimiliano Goriup maxppc Trieste, IT Dev training Depends on location
Matteo Nerozzi matteone Castenaso, Bologna, IT Dev training
Mauro Foti skler Catania, IT
Michele Tameni netvandal Brescia, IT development 99% :) I'm trying to help
Radu Andries admiral0 ~Milano, IT Dev training Can help organising for Milano.
Rodrigo Linfati rlinfati Bologna, IT
Thomas Perl thp Vienna, AT Application development / UX 95%
Torello Querci mk8 Firenze, IT Dev training
Vincenzo Tarricone vinz486 Milano, IT Dev training 100% if good location
Giuseppe Patanè gotrek Catania, IT 100% if in Catania

[edit] Preferred location

City Venue / institution Suggested by Reason for suggesting
Bologna TBD aboaboit I can show you around ;)
Catania TBD b0unc3 nice / well-connected
Firenze TBD Andrea Grandi no need to describe the city / contacts with local university
Milano TBD Andrea Grandi well-connected
Padova TBD anidel smaller place
Pisa TBD anidel smaller place
Roma TBD andy80 well-connected
Salerno TBD anidel dslaky smaller place / well-connected / nice / contacts with local university
Torino TBD elris possible support from local UNIs and LUGs
Venezia TBD maxppc nice / well-connected
Milano TBD Vincenzo Tarricone well-connected / great community

[edit] Preferred topics

Target audience Topic Language(s)
Newcomers Getting started with Maemo (Qt) TBD
Newcomers Introducing Maemo, the community and ways to help TBD
Newcomers Maemo Openness & Alternatives TBD
Developers / Translators Localisation Italian
Developers First step in Maemo development Italian
Developers UX English
Developers Integration workshop TBD
Harmattan - Maemo6 [PLEASE FIX: target is a group of people] PlayDRM Maemo and OVI [PLEASE FIX: language is italian, english or to-be-decided]
Law Enforcement Forensic analysis of maemo devices Italian/English
Developers Telepathy IM / VoIP framework TBD
Developers Side by side comparison maemo / debian-like classic systems Italian