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This page contains submissions for the logo contest. The contest is now closed. The closing date for entries was the 27th of July, 2008. For rules and submission guidelines, please see the contest page.


Entries for logo contest





Less is More concept of the logo. By adapting the letter "a" into the "e" we are suggesting the versatility and adaptiveness of the maemo platform


I did that with free font and a lot of fun ! :p

NB: Most of then can be colored differently.

J'ai fait cela avec des fonts gratuits et beaucoup de plaisir ! ;)

NB:la couleur de la majorité de mes logos peut être modifié.

PS: im a frenchspeaker, sory for the inconveniant!


Some thoughts behind the design posted at Internet Tablet Talk. The "M" in the first logo, the "g" in the latter can be tweaked to satisfy everyone. Enjoy! Roger





Variations on a theme, using different fonts. The "ae" in "maemo" seems to stand out, so I wanted to incorporate that into the design. I also wanted to incorporate something about what the platform is, hence the globe and wifi signal bars. These logos can be used with the full "" spelled out, or just the globe and "ae" portion for when something narrower is needed. In the variations you can see what the logo looks like in monochrome, and how it looks as a 16x16 favicon. This logo uses only four colors (blue, green, orange, and black) with no gradients or dithering, which makes it easy to silk-screen onto a t-shirt.


The basic idea: The dots represent the many parts which make up the community, and together they form the ae-ligature and a moebius strip, to signify the infinite possibilities of collaboration.

I started over a little. After coming back a while later and looking at my submissions, this is what I thought.

- After looking at it again; I felt like the ae-ligature didn't really work as it was. It is not 100% clear, and it doesn't work nicely with the typography; and I don't think it will in the current dot format.

- I still liked the moebius strip formed of dots, though, which I think is a strong idea which works really well in this context, so I decided to keep it.

- I wanted the logo to be "nicer", friendlier, more organic. That is more what a community is like, not something digital, gridded and rough.

- This also applied to the colours. A cooler, smoother colour would be better than an agressive orange.

- The typography was changed to one that has a little more character.

Updated as of july 26.

(the old ones are on the talk page)





Helvetica is used on all logos, my favorite font. All logos use orange-red as the background but can be anything. I hope you enjoy them. --Reggie 13:45, 21 June 2008 (UTC)







Hello. I had some troubles with "" name so I used "Maemo-org" instead. Sorry for that.
Logo symbolizes I think all of the community aspects. A not childish but not too old (as our community is) human (as a main part of the community) spread his hands to all the people (we are welcome to everyone) and same time he breaks the borders and reaches the outer perspectives (same thing that we do in our open source world without any limitations) By the way "open source" is nicely integrated here too. His head shines bright with ideas in all ways like the sun. And if you'll place two logos near, people will look like they shaking hands. Logo can be anycoloured, but I prefer blue cause it's very calm for website design :) Whew, I'm done :)





Variations on a Maemo "good vibes" theme...

  • Typography used: "Domestic Manners", a Public Domain/GPL font by Dustismo






Two versions of each image were submitted in case there was an issue using the Nokia stylus in the logo. I substituted a generic stylus into the second image. Hopefully this wont cause any complications. :) *I have the images available without gradients as well, if that becomes an issue.

The ideas is cool and personaly I like the little man drawing. However, an issue to consider here is that Maemo-the-software is moving towards thumb/finger use as default, being a stylus a secondary case. In my opinion this concept wouldn't survive the next Maemo releases...--qgil 06:45, 27 June 2008 (UTC)

Image:Maemo.org_logo_contest_underscore_7.png This is a possible favicon for entries 3, 4, 5, and 6.


The purpose was to emphasize strong and happy colors and humane factors. Bright color was selected to gain more visibility, and orange contains legacy from maemo perspective. Fingerprint is driven by the presence of touch, as well as the font face which looks like that it is hand drawn. Tried to remove everything that can be considered "technical".

lav4you This name and logo is created keeping in the mind that now maemo can handles more and more complex apllication and processes, e of maemo articulates that complexity of it and the integrity among the community and developer with fresh illusive look. I hope you will like it.

Here joint m indicates the integrity between man (Developer Community & users), maemo and mobile.

Below design reflect the horizon at which Maemo stands. Its simplicity and usability is indicated in the form of illusive teddy bear look, M with the butterfly effect indicates the open source community philosophy. Its rareness is indicated by illusive panda effect,integrity and sharing between community members is indicated through joint OO effect and popularity of Maemo is reflected in these catchy icon.

In these design the butterfly effect reflects the open source community philosophy. Different colors in butterfly wings or M articulates the wide application of Maemo software, its mobility aspects and different culture of developers and users.





This logo focus on transmitting two of the key concepts of team work and freedom. To illustrate these ideas the typography was drawn with characters that varies on rotation and size but at the same time supersedes it other and sharing the same place. --Abraão Affonso @ OpenBossa Design Team (

This logo aims to highlight though simple forms the most important characteristics of like the sense of community and spirit of innovation. It also transmits the feeling of continuity, one of the keys to open source success, by using a custom font that mimics the word "maemo" as it would like if written with a single stroke. --Abraão Affonso @ OpenBossa Design Team (


Simplicity and connectivity were the main concepts used to design this logo. Though its elegant forms and precise use of color represents some of the basic valors of like creativity. stability and cleverness, something that can be trust. --Glaubert Oliveira @ OpenBossa Design Team (

The idea behind this logo is about continuity and improvement of a process, it reflects how acts as a bridge uniting people who share the same objectives and goals. --Glaubert Oliveira @ OpenBossa Design Team (

This logo is based on the relationship, evolution and continuous effort of the maemo community to attain better solutions and products in less time. It also transmits trough it typography and discreet use of color the idea of technology, movement and boldness. --Glaubert Oliveira @ OpenBossa Design Team (


This logo focus on the technological and sharing aspects of, It represents the bound and the energy that constantly flows from the point where the platform meets the community. --Miguel Peres @ OpenBossa Design Team (

This logo emphasizes some of the principals aspects and objectives of the maemo community like sharing/reuse, technology and improvement. It transmits a solid aspect and at the same time illustrates something flexible with parts that can be easily rearranged. Its unique and simple typography aims to look clear in different sizes and resolutions and has also a hidden catch to make "" easy to remember, representing some of the fun and joy of being part of this community. --Miguel Peres @ OpenBossa Design Team (


This logo is simple and clean. It's easy and economic for producing promotional gifts and brochures as it contains two colours.