Maemo Coding Competition 1


[edit] Welcome to the first App development Contest for Maemo devices.

NB: Competition entry has now ended, see the results

Are you bored waiting for new games to be released for your N900? Is your forehead wrinkled stressing about the lack of applications in the extras repository? Does the emptiness of the Ovi store make you urinate in your sleep? And do you call out your mother's name when making love to your girlfriend because of step 4 of 5 disappointment and unrelated mental issues?

Well now YOU can change that, my friends! Introducing the first ever N900 Coding Competition!

If you are new to programming or want to learn, here's the excuse to finally make something. Anything. Qt, PyQt, PyGTK, whatever language you like as long as it's functionally complete, runs safely, easily, and is targeted at the N900 platform. Don't make a virus kthx.

The winning application(s) will be decided by forum poll after the closing date of July 21st, 2010.

Good luck and most of all have fun!

[edit] Categories and voting

NB: Competition entry is now closed and voting has been completed.

There are 6 main categories for submissions:

In addition, there is an extra category for those new to N900 development:

[edit] Results

The competition has now ended. The winning application and runners ups for each category is as follows:

Category Winning App 1st Runner Up 2nd Runner Up 3rd Runner Up
Desktop Queen Beecon MyContacts Maenotify Sticky notes
Location & Navigation CloudGPS Advanced Geocaching Tool modRana MetroMap
System & Utilities Faster Application Manager ApMeFo Alarmed Extended Call Log
Games PSX4M Destroid Bos Wars Skid Stone
Graphics & Multimedia PenPen Sketchbook Metre eSpeak GUI Client DreamRemote
Other TweeGo Scout qexercise DropN900
Beginners DropN900 qexercise ApMeFo BackupMenu

[edit] Prizes

Nokia invites the seven winners (winner of each category) to the MeeGo Conference 2010, due to be held in Dublin, Ireland! Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by Nokia. If the winner is unable to attend, a N900 can be offered in exchange.

Sources: [8] [9]

Also there will be a prize fund into which the community will be able to donate. If you would like to add to the prize fund please reply here[10].. $5, $10, anything would be gratefully received. Why not sponsor your favourite category?

The bounty share out will be decided by a forum poll here [11]

[edit] Bounty Roll of Honor

The list of pledges and donations

Name Amount After PayPal Paid
kojacker €41 €39.87 Confirmed
lcuk €50 €48.70 Confirmed
cheve €20 €18.87 Confirmed
ArchiMark €10 €9.26 Confirmed
felbutss $20 tbc tbc
mymybib €5 €4.55 Confirmed
mobiledivide €10 €9.26 Confirmed
hepokatti  ? tbc tbc €15 €14.36 Confirmed
adib €15 €14.36 Confirmed
qwertyberty €25 €24.17 Confirmed
Ken-Young €100 €95.75 Confirmed
jacobkorf $20 tbc tbc
lukash €20 €19.27 Confirmed
amh €22 €21.23 Confirmed
DanielW €10 €9.46 Confirmed
MikeC $20 tbc tbc
Mve €25 €24.17 Confirmed
Kalle €40 €38.89 Confirmed
dj_steve €7.28 €6.79 Confirmed
McRae €10 €9.46 Confirmed
OVK €30 €29.08 Confirmed
Rob1n €25 €24.17 Confirmed
rcastberg €25 €24.17 Confirmed
rustler €20 €18.87 Confirmed
mdb666 €30 €29.08 Confirmed
Slocan €10 €9.26 Confirmed
SallyJane (1st) €20 €18.87 Confirmed
SallyJane (2nd) €20 €18.87 Confirmed
Smoku €10 €9.26 Confirmed
Laughing Man €15.00 €14.06 Confirmed
Kolos €5 €4.55 Confirmed
jer006 €10 €9.26 Confirmed
navsin €20 €18.87 Confirmed
Anonymous €50 €48.70 Confirmed
gs1 €10 €9.46 Confirmed
magullo €10 tbc tbc

[edit] Participants

NB: Competition entry is now closed

Fill in the table with your application informations and progress. New participants can join at any time up until the closing date.

If you have not already done so, please PM the contest organiser with further info on your project to be used in the voting thread. As an example outline:

  • App name:
  • Author:
  • Brief description:
  • Screenshot(s):
  • Features/work to be judged:
  • Package name and where to find the app/repository:
  • thread or garage thread (if exists)
Developer Application Category Current Progress (%) Beginner Entry (Y/N)
emesem Push-It! or Talk Utilities 100% Y
No!No!No!Yes! Queen BeeCon Widget Desktop 99.9%
b0unc3 maenotify-0.4 Desktop 55%
rmerren Old School Other 5%
amandalam eSpeak GUI Client Graphics & Multimedia 90% Y
mmlado PeQersi Games 40% N
pine MetroMap Location & Navigation 99%
lukash Case File Manager System & Utilities 2%
jolouis && Spenc3 Flipclock 1.0 System & Utilities 75%
jolouis && Spenc3 NetSlider Graphics & Multimedia 60%
helex DreamRemote or Graphics & Multimedia 95%
fieldofcows Classic Cam Graphics & Multimedia 100%
fieldofcows Classic Print Graphics & Multimedia 100%
digitalsurgeon Easy Wallpaper Utilities & Desktop 35%
JMacalinao Tumblr for N900 Other 45% N
Khertan KhtEditor Other 80%
Khertan VectorMine Game 99%
tahitibob35 Libellule Location & Navigation 100%
lullen qexercise Other 30% Y
webhamster Advanced Geocaching Tool (new Features) Location & Navigation 50%
smoku Bos Wars Games 100%
smoku PSX4M Games 50%
Mikhail_Ramalho && Rodavelino TweeGo Other 100% N
Slocan FeedingIt (Home-Screen Widget only) Desktop 60%
Slocan Flobby Games 10%
JereM NetStory System & Utilities 100%
CaCO3 ShipRolling System & Utilities 100%
Dotblank Groove Graphics & Multimedia 70% Y
davidh101 ParcelGenie System & Utilities (I think) 0%
Rob1n AutoComplete Editor System & Utilities 90%
krk969 Buddy, a budget/expense manager application for Maemo/Windows/Linux thread

System & Utilities 100%
joorin footify, a Spotify client Graphics & Multimedia 85%
Ben Lau PenPen Sketchbook Graphics & Multimedia 90%
CaCO3 SleepAnalyser System & Utilities 100%
helihyv KitchenAlert System & Utilities 100% Y
artohyv & helihyv URPO System & Utilities 100% Y
vmp eSpeakTime Graphics & Multimedia 95%
amandalam Stroke Order Chinese Input Method System & Utilities 80% Y
fcrochik Contacts Desktop Widget Desktop 80%
Venemo Sticky Notes Desktop 110%
Nathraiben ApMeFo System & Utilities 95% Y
AlexBravo Nokia Bots on N900 System & Utilities 5%
realsportcars FastSMS System & Utilities 20%
matrim Extended Call Log System & Utilities To be updated
Andrea Grandi Lorenzo Bettini mSoma Graphics & Multimedia 60%
Ed Page Gonvert System & Utilities 100%
nicolai scout Other 100%
Alex Qvernote Other 100%
hqh Faster Application Manager System & Utilities 100%
User:Robbiethe1st BackupMenu (system image utility) Other (not an in-OS tool) 100% Y
Andrea Grandi LastGo Graphics & Multimedia 95% Y
Benson Tsai K9 Call Desktop 90% Y
Alek Terekhov Skid Stone Games 100% Y
Damian Waradzyn CloudGPS Location & Navigation 25%
Shapeshifter Alarmed System & Utilities 100%
Shapeshifter Reaction face-off Games 99.9%
Gryllida eye4 Other 100% Y
MartinK modRana Location & Navigation 95%
destroid Destroid Games 100% Y
jonnenau DropN900 Other (suits best?) 100% Y
b0unc3 quick-launch System & Utilities 73% N
Bzouk N9Profile Other 100% Y
klen Ruler App Graphics & Multimedia 100% Y

[edit] Beginners spinoff competition

Nb: Beginners competition entry has now ended

In addition to the main coding competition, we are also running a separate spin off beginners coding competition. Participants who marked their entries as beginner to the main contest are automatically entered.

As mentioned in the rules, entries to the beginners competition must be the authors first released coding project(s) for the N900, and must have been first released between the competition start and end dates. In addition, the same rules as the main comp also apply.

This competition is not eligible to make use of the main coding competition bounty and prizes. However there is expected to be a small bounty offered by the community to the winner(s) of this competition, this is still to be finalised.

Here is the final table of participants:

Developer Application Category
emesem Push-It! or Talk Utilities
amandalam eSpeak GUI Client Graphics & Multimedia
lullen qexercise Other
Dotblank Groove Graphics & Multimedia
helihyv KitchenAlert System & Utilities
artohyv & helihyv URPO System & Utilities
amandalam Stroke Order Chinese Input Method System & Utilities
Nathraiben ApMeFo System & Utilities
User:Robbiethe1st BackupMenu (system image utility) Other (not an in-OS tool)
Andrea Grandi LastGo Graphics & Multimedia
Benson Tsai K9 Call Desktop
Alek Terekhov Skid Stone Games
Gryllida eye4 Other
destroid Destroid Games
jonnenau DropN900 Other (suits best?)
Bzouk N9Profile Other
klen Ruler App Graphics & Multimedia

[edit] Rules

  • The competition start date is May 21st, 2010.
  • Entries to be submitted no later than Wednesday July 21 Midnight Greenwich time.
  • Entries will only be accepted for the following formats: Nokia N900.
  • Entries may be accepted for other systems but only if they benefit the above format. For example development tools, video encoders, game makers etc that run on PC/Mac/Linux...
  • Already released software must have a substantial upgrade from previous releases to qualify for judging and must also contain a list of changes the author has made to the previous version.
  • Submitted entries should be accompanied by a forum post, pm to competition organiser and/or a text file with the authors email, PayPal address (can be retrieved later), the name of the software and a brief description of the software. If this entry text file is packaged with your project, this file should be called "entry.txt". You should also provide a brief description of your work done and, if possible, a screenshot to be used in the voting thread.
  • Entries that are not stand alone software will have to include any libraries or files required to run, or they should be easily available via the normal and Nokia repositories. Clear instructions will have to be provided. In the case of interpreters and emulators copyrighted files should not be included.
  • If there are too many qualifying entries that the forum software cannot facilitate a single voting thread, multiple threads and polls may need to be used to determine which group will be entered into the final vote. Prizes will not be awarded for winners of any such qualifying rounds.
  • Coding competition entries marked as beginner will also automatically be entered into a separate beginners contest if they meet the following criteria: entries to the beginners competition must be the authors first released coding project(s) for the N900, and must have been first released between the competition start and end dates.
  • Voting is strictly one vote per user. The use of multiple accounts to vote, creating fake accounts to register votes, or using other illegal means to register votes is strictly prohibited and may be seen as an attempt to defraud the poll and community. Your votes may be discounted and/or your entries disqualified if judged by the contest organiser that you have done so.
  • There will be a feature freeze on entries during the voting stage of the competition. Please limit your competition entry code changes to bug fix only for any release during this period, and this restriction should remain until the end of the vote.
  • Entries in languages other than English will be accepted as long as sufficient English documentation is provided.
  • Prize winners receiving a share of the collected bounty will be paid through Paypal transaction. Any fees charged by Paypal will be deducted from the prize amount.

[edit] Useful contacts

  • Competition organiser: kojacker
  • Competition treasurer: zehjotkah
  • Competition thread, for answers and discussion: "The First N900 Coding Competition! 21st May-21st July. Open to all!" [12]

[edit] Getting started with N900 development

The Nokia Qt SDK is the official set of tools with everything needed to design and create applications for the N900 [13]. The development wiki is a great place to start, it contains lots of code examples and development guides. The "Windows Python and Qt in 30 mins"[14] thread is a great tutorial for beginners and will have you coding your first app in minutes, and here's a link to a tutorial from[15]. The key is to get started, and do not be afraid to ask questions. Beginners are definitely welcome in this comp, great oaks from little acorns grow..

The 'Developer' forum on[16] is an excellent resource to find answers and ask questions of your own.

[edit] Wishlist

Category Description
Desktop Browser Widget - see
Games Mupen64 (Nintendo 64 emulator) proper port with full GUI. Pandora version with OpenGL ES plugin available. See:
Graphics & Multimedia N900 as usb webcam - see
Graphics & Multimedia Equalizer for N900 - An equalizer plugin for default media player

This has already been implemented, see

Location & Navigation Execute script/actions when entering/leaving a GSM cell or GPS based- see and
System & Utilites a customisable news/weather alarm clock - see
Office LaTex Editor with GUI.. There are already LaTex library
Office Advanced Pdf reader with comment and highlight..
System & Utilites GUI for titan kernel
System & Utilites GUI for truecrypt
Other Sleep Cycle Analyzer clone - see

There are 2 projects trying to fullfill this challenge: Sleppy and SleepAnalyser

Other M-Fart (iFart clone)
Other M-Boobs (iBoobs clone)
Desktop Maemo optimized e-book/pdf reader with touch gestures
Desktop statusarea/statusmenu items editor
Graphics & Multimedia configurable Sharing Plug-in for the Image Application - see
System & Utilites Application to create and setup Folders in the Programmenu. - see and
Bluetooth Bluetooth rSAP protocol integration

see: see: see:

maybe portable from Samsung Galaxy S (Android): see - also there is an Android SDK with the protocol within: see

For more, see the Wish List and Ports pages