Maemo Talk Do's and Don'ts

'Under Construction. Feel free to add any guidelines that are not present.'

There are various guidelines (suggestions, not rules) of conduct on


[edit] Do use proper grammar and spelling

t.m.o uses English (usually British/International English) as its main language. Using proper grammar and spelling when possible makes your post easier to read, especially when you (the poster) are asking for help.

Also, using proper spelling eases the use of the "Search" function on the forums for others. For example, searching "Maemo" will often not yield results with "Meamo".

And make sure to make your post looks better and using this char "."

Finally please consider not to use the white colored font to write in your posts.

[edit] Don't use internet shorthand

Using internet shorthand (talk = tlk, tomorrow = 2mrw, etc.) confuses people who are not familiar with it, and hinders search functions. Also, reading shorthand can oftentimes be slower than reading normal writing, and can get messy. And it's just plain inconsiderate at times.

Using abbreviations, however is common. (lol = Laugh out loud, afaik = as far as I know, etc.) However, try to use common abbreviations, or not at all.

[edit] Do Search before asking a question or posting an idea

Many times a simple search can save you hours (if no one is actively prowling the forums) of waiting for a reply to your question.

A common example of repetitive threads is the on-going "debate" of Harmattan on the N900.

Some searches will give results (if the application is a long-standing Maemo port, for example) dating years back. Although "gravedigging" (posting on threads that have not seen activity for a couple months) is not particularly frowned upon, old threads can sometimes have irrelevant or outdated information.

In such cases, or if the search yields nothing useful at all, then you would create a new thread, under the appropriate sub-forum.

At that point you can consider the power search button as a friend at your adventure in maemo talk.

[edit] Don't create duplicate threads of your own

Sometimes you find a thread that is on the subject of what you're trying to find, but isn't specifically what you need. Creating a new thread under this circumstance is frowned upon, but not a taboo.

However, creating a new thread on the same or very similar topic to one you have created before (especially recently) when you don't receive any reply, or if the reply your received is not the one you want, is highly frowned upon. Usually adding another post to your own thread with the message "Bump" is preferred over creating a new thread. Excessive bumps with no replies may mean that you did not state your question clearly enough, or if it is an idea thread, people do not understand (or, as the case may be, do not care) about your subject.

[edit] Do be clear with thread subjects and original posts

A thread subject should be clear, and to the point. A clear subject will usually result in you getting your answer faster, and a better answer at that.

A clear original post elaborating on the subject will further help any people wanting to help you understand your problem or idea.

[edit] Don't "panic" in your subject

Avoid posting threads like "HELP! - MY NXXX FORZE!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!", or " Some one help me please".

Being calm and clear in your messages, again, allows a better understanding of your situation, and assists others in answering your question.

Also, some people ignore such threads, as harsh as it is, because usually threads posted as such are duplicates of common issues.