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By using these testing images, you're morally obligated to test them and to edit this page and report -every single bug you find-, no matter if they're theme flaws, quirks, bugs or crashes. You can optionally also use bugzilla , use version 0.16.


Please send the bug report urls to mer-chatter (see Mer/Awareness ) as well and share your bugs, testing experiences.

Test master is Meizirkki, and can be found in #mer on usually and you can ask him if there's some specialized areas that need testing. Take the "Completed" things first. If you are testing, go to #mer anyway. Good place to be.

These images will not be the only ones this week. In N8x0 installer, when it asks for URL=, write URL=http://the.image.intended. Instructions on Mer/Documentation/Installation still apply.

These images may potentially turn your device into a insane machine bent on removing humanity from this earth and may potentially brick your device, so, NO WARRANTY.

CURRENT VERSION: 0.16testing6

Mer X86 VMDK - an image used by the VM packages on a normal desktop

Mer X86 rootfs version - a raw rootfs tarball for PCs (use only if you know what that is)

Mer N8x0 kernel, not for JFFS version - normal image for dual-boot Mer with Mer on SD (most N8x0 users)

Mer N8x0, rootfs version - a raw rootfs tarball (use only if you know what that is)

Mer N8x0, JFFS version, use with JFFS kernel - special image for flashing Mer to internal flash (very brave N8x0 users who know how to do this without asking)

Mer N8x0 kernel, JFFS version - kernel for above flash rootfs (you knew the kernel needed flashing separately right?)

Mer 770, rootfs version - the rootfs tarball needed for the 770

Mer SmartQ5, firmware version - normal SmartQ5 flashable image

Mer SmartQ7, firmware version - normal SmartQ7 flashable image

Mer SmartQ5, rootfs version - dual-boot SmartQ5 rootfs (use if you are following dual-boot instructions)

Mer SmartQ7, rootfs version - dual-boot SmartQ7 rootfs (use if you are following dual-boot instructions)

For use with QEMU & KVM, download the Mer X86 VMDK version, unzip, and convert to a qcow2 image with the qemu-img convert command.


53dd532e05199f4f7cd17b6c7b8c058b  mer-armel-770-image-v0.16testing6.tar.gz
afa571d89aaf328be68c3e0b8d94b436  mer-armel-n8x0-flashrootfs-v0.16testing6.zImage
c1bb5d2af27d2ed7b70dfd6b5be270dc  mer-armel-n8x0-image-v0.16testing6.jffs2
10e49c574bc02a1c069199c15c650fe2  mer-armel-n8x0-image-v0.16testing6.jffs2.raw
b04686b943d94916508d1c668303212b  mer-armel-n8x0-image-v0.16testing6.tar.gz
8c5396913f7879c681e8f9080e4c2d0e  mer-armel-n8x0-standard-v0.16testing6.zImage
fa74cea57be963fb1ad682424bc7e04f  mer-armel-smartq5-image-v0.16testing6.SmartQ5
0e5aaa19f19303e5296704ba702c6291  mer-armel-smartq5-rootfs-v0.16testing6.tar.gz
6e9ef3524d5bd8b36bafa06b83887a5e  mer-armel-smartq7-image-v0.16testing6.SmartQ7
9b6c10f54bdf8cc386a5024a7f0b6ce2  mer-armel-smartq7-rootfs-v0.16testing6.tar.gz
b1910786e2e1fdd03c25e15635e0a366  mer-x86-generic-image-v0.16testing6.tar.gz


[edit] Bugs in 0.16testing6

  • [N810] Produces non-bootable N810: "sudo ./flasher-3.5 -k mer-armel-n8x0-flashrootfs-v0.16testing6.zImage -r mer-armel-n8x0-image-v0.16testing6.jffs2 -f -R"
  • [SmartQ5] Bluetooth does not work - hciconfig simply returns
  • [SmartQ5] has the flicker too and man is it annoying.
    • workaround: rename /etc/init.d/ondemand
  • [SmartQ7] after a while the screen (and/or backlight?) begins to flicker , image quality is decreased, touchscreen respond is slower (occured after starting nm-applet, opening mer menu, waiting a while after bootup)
  • [SmartQ7] Keyboard doesn't have BackSpace, Return, Tab and some other symbols on buttons, but buttons works fine.
  • [SmartQ7] During setup, sometimes virtual keyboard doesn't starts.
  • [SmartQ7] During setup, virtual keyboard or scrollbars freeze and lock system
  • [Nokia 770] Worked fine on first boot, after reboot/power cycle the device hangs with Mer desktop wallpaper and nothing else on screen (battery removal required). DCC: this happened to me on the third boot, fourth is OK, Maybe linked to booting with or without power cable (without works fine)
  • [N800] Options in settings do nothing.
  • [N800] When editing network connections (menu-> network settings ->edit connections), the network manager essentially stalled, and the window labeled Network Connections could not be closed.
  • [N800] No file manager (bug?)
  • [N800] Keyboard in landscape mode is missing labels for the following keys: Menu (bottom-left), DEL (top-right), enter (2nd from top on right), and minimize (bottom-right). Shift and Lock keys only show Shi and Loc respectively.
  • [N800] The default weather gadget's sun (is it really sunny in Helsinki) is transparent and only visible when the applet is dragged.
  • [N800] Pressing shift on the keyboard is very unresponsive compared to pressing other keys.
  • [N800] Brightness is weak on 1st time boot, at the end of it, the screen lit up, but after login, dim again (it seens to flick a little too). Bright control icon on home screen does nothing. (is there a workaround?) update: this was caused by turning on the device with power cable attach´d. Otherwise works ok!
  • [N800] Yet no "Locale" for Brazil.
  • [N800] Rotating the screen via brightness/volume home icon just change the place where i should press the menu buttons, but do not rotate the screen itself. It causes to some menu buttons, like bright/volume, be outside the touchscreen limit, making impossible to change back without a hard reset.
  • [N800] (DUPLICATE) When switching to portrait mode using the sound/brightness gadget, the only change on the display is part of the previous open window. Tapping the non-existent region on the far-left (now "top") of the screen demonstrates the app menu can be opened, and the farthest "right" button (actually top) is the network manager. If rotate 180 degress (from default settings), screen doesn't change at all, while all menu items are available where they "should" be. Pull down menus from these items appear normal orientation, but input is still flipped.
  • [N800] Turning on the device with power cable, after the boot, removing it causes the system to auto shutdown.
  • [N800] gconf-editor and x-chat could not be installed: missing maemo-select-menu-location even in red pill mode
  • [N800] maemopad could not be installed: missing libhildonhelp0 >= 2.0.5-1 even in red pill mode
  • [N800] pidgin do not created a link on launcher "extras" menu, only a line
  • [N800] No sound (or at least no system sounds and no programs I found to test sound with)

fixed in this release:

  • [N800] Wi-fi Network WPA error FIXED in this release!
  • [N800] Power Off button, displays WORKING normal options such as reset, turn off, lock device, etc..
  • [N800] Tear works well (except generic button icons in option manager; no javascript).

[edit] Bugs in 0.16testing5

  • [Nokia n800] X Terminal CTRL button not works!
  • [Nokia n800] changing themes crashes/freezes system. needs battery removal.
  • [Nokia n800] tear: without icon in right corner button.
  • [Nokia n810] cannot access settings for EAP-PEAP with MSCHAPv2 because they take up more space than is available on the screen and does not have the functionality to scroll down. --fixed in testing6
  • No settings application in menu->Settings item.
  • [Nokia 770] desktop fails to appear (machine stuck at high cpu load). Only the sea picture is displayed, after the mer logo has disappeared. Maybe related to the fact that Mer did not mention to have found my swap partition. 0.15 used to find it. - saju: fixed swap code in gitorious
  • [Nokia n810] [Nokia n800] Unable to enter WPA password, dialog box is empty. 0.15 does not have this problem (marshel - i can edit wpa-key from netw.-manager and add the pass manually.) --fixed in testing6
  • [Nokia n800] Unable to create a new wireless connection from the desktop buttom, dialog is empty.
  • [Nokia n800] can't install maemopad and Xchat due to missing libhildonhelp0
  • [Nokia n800] ai_meserach and ai_me_refresh label on app manager buttons don´t hava a translation showing in english.
  • [Nokia n800] Unable to create a new wireless connection from the Network Connections for all users. Aplly button always shadowed (not root?).
  • [Nokia n800] Unable to see minimize, enter and backspace button on small touch keyboard (lateral buttons).
  • [SmartQ7] No obvious way to exit App Manager. In fact, exiting applications in general can be hard to figure out; the top row icons don't convey much meaning --kyelewis
  • [SmartQ7] SD card is not auto-mounted, nor is a mechanism provided to mount it. --kyelewis
  • [SmartQ7] Widget support dies after first reboot- widgets cannot be moved, and text placement for the provided widget is incorrect. Also occured in 0.16testing3 --kyelewis
  • [SmartQ7] Unable to enter WPA password, dialog box is empty. (Carried from 0.16testing3) --kyelewis
  • [SmartQ7] Editing Wireless Security Settings in network-manager freezes mer when clicking 'Apply' --kyelewis (Update: only occurs if Wireless is enabled while you try to make change)
  • [SmartQ7] Bluetooth Manager is incredibly slow, takes >5 minutes to load, using all CPU time.

[edit] Bugs in 0.16testing3

Insert bugs here.

  • [Nokia n810] conflict between libphonon4 and libqt4-phonon packages which is preventing installation of kdepim:
 dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libphonon4_4%3a4.3.1-0ubuntu3_armel.deb (--unpack):
trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/', which is also in package libqt4-phonon
  • [Nokia n810] dpad left and dpad down do not have auto key repeat. dpad up and dpad right as well as other keys do.
  • [Nokia n810] GtkTreeView row dragging not working. This worked in 0.15.
  • [Nokia n810] can't install maemopad due to missing libhildonhelp0
  • [Nokia n810] screen calibration menu item does nothing
  • [Nokia n810] app manager crashes:
    • on first start after pressing "Check for updates" button
    • after installing finefm from available applications menu
    • everytime it tries to list available applications after that - this seems to be a timing-related problem. If I try to access the Available applications button immediately on startup, it crashes. If I wait 30 seconds, it works.
  • [Nokia n810] Fn not working in first-boot-wizard - Stskeeps: expected testing4
  • [Nokia n810] onscreen keyboard always pops up during text entry even though built-in hardware keyboard is being used
  • [Nokia n810] display rotation did very bad things. Stskeeps: Did you install Mer kernel with rotation support?. No, just clicked rotation icon in brightness app shortly after first-boot-wizard finished.
  • [Nokia n810] python "import gtk" generated lots of Xlib: extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display ":0.0". Stskeeps: sadly fairly normal. Only a warning.
  • [Nokia n810] xterm menus messed up. Stskeeps: We are waiting with new osso-xterm because the newer one was broken - it is actually not a matter of translations. Has to be past 0.16 :/
  • [Nokia n810 & SmartQ7] Unable to enter WPA password, dialog box is empty. 0.15 does not have this problem. Stskeeps: I suspect it's due to the movable dialogs problem. Someone revert the movable dialogs patch and see if it work? Meizirkki: no, the dialog is still empty after disabling movable dialogs and rebooting
  • [Nokia n810] hildon-application-manager crashes. Output here.
  • [SmartQ7] After installation, on-screen keyboard is completely white and has no key symbols (Working for me on Q7 /Gnuet) (Works for me --kyelewis)
  • [SmartQ7] USB Networking wont start automatically on boot- needed 'sudo ifconfig usb0 up' to get it going- also, if 'up' missed, ifconfig will segfault! --kyelewis. Stskeeps: /etc/network/interfaces show it as being set up. That's weird. (Extra info: Device is actually pingable for about 15 seconds, then at some point during bootup it loses the IP setting --kyelewis). Stskeeps: expected testing4
  • [N800] Power button do no work
  • [N800] Installing gpesummary crashes the desktop, same after reboot (unusable), message is like "cant open /home/<user>/.gpedo" --Eichi
  • [770] starting bluetooth manager kills MER / MRP

[edit] Bugs in 0.16testing2

Please test bugs in and see if they still persist. Otherwise add them below:

  • [Nokia n810] Fn not working in first-boot-wizard - Stskeeps: expected testing4
  • [Nokia n800] Could not pass first-boot-wizard "Type your full name" (don´t have a usb keyboard to test with it/screen keyboard do not appear with stylus or with finger) Stskeeps: maemo-launcher wasn't being run, expected fix in testing3 "marshel: fixed in testing3"
  • [SmartQ7] As above, could not pass "Type your full name". No soft keyboard and usb keyboard did not work. as above
  • [SmartQ5 & Q7] Wifi-enabler not working, lacking unzip. The file 47smartq-firmware misplaced and in DOS-format. Stskeeps: expected fix in testing4
    • Workaround: Copy contents of /etc/47smartq-firmware and make new file: /etc/first-boot.d/47smartq-firmware
    • Don't forget to make read/executable (chmod a+rx /etc/first-boot.d/47smartq-firmware) Stskeeps: not needed
    • Install unzip_5.52-12ubuntu1_armel.deb, reboot and presto - wizard runs. Stskeeps: Expected in testing4
  • [SmartQ5 & Q7] Application manager doesn't work. Starts but nothing more.
    • Try plugging in the bluetooth dongle... spooky... (the log shows : get btadapter: No such adapter)

PS.: at 3pm@GMT the trac above cited is offline. Stskeeps: yeah, power cut in my city'.