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0.17 is not released yet.

Testing11 is now available:

NOTE: ctrl+shift+x should bring up the cursor.
NOTE: N8x0, Q5, Q7 is rendered using GL software rendering and is hence, slower than a turtle trying to drag a car through a bumpy road.

[edit] Bugs in 0.17testing11

Fixed: ctrl-m needed in osso-xterm on keyboarded devices for Enter key.


SmartQ7: setup went fine, kernel loaded fine but it doesn't bring up the desktop, just a black screen.

Application installer says it can't install blueman, and hometools, but they are removed from the list of applications and appear to be installed. hildon-theme-mermantle installs normally.

On the smartQ 5 the machine halts (reboot does nothing) after you have submitted you passwords in the early beginning (setup wizard) also at the same place when you have to setup the time, the keyboard doesn't show up..

On SmartQ 7 does not bring up the desktop after setup. It's just sitting there with a black screen, no reaction from any buttons, expect testing 12.. still expecting

[edit] Bugs in 0.17testing10

Add bugs here please.

The "" is not there. (404)

  • fixed --stskeeps

Cannot boot into desktop on sq7. Just the login prompt but no soft keyboard

[edit] Bugs in 0.17testing8

hum, install (using the Mer-install package under diablo) failed completely on n800. It seems the archive is full of stuff that should't be there, like a copy of /proc. Untarring therefore ends up with a lot of errors "no space left on device" on my MMC card, then useful files probably don't get copied, and mer won't boot. I successfully installed 0.15 then 0.16 before on the same device.