MicroB is the project to embed Mozilla Gecko for use with the Maemo Browser UI on the Maemo platform. It was developed in parallel to maintenance work on the Opera browser which shipped with the N800 in OS 2007 (Maemo 3). MicroB is the engine shipped with Maemo 4. Maemo 5 will include an updated version of the engine. Details to follow.

MicroB does have a garage web site (unfortunately stale). While work for Maemo 4 was done in Subversion (hosted at garage), for Maemo 5 the work moved to Mercurial to match the upstream transition by mozilla.org.

MicroB can be tweaked, adapted, and extended. It is also open and flexible enough to enable custom styles and javascript bookmarklets.

There is also a handy add-on called bookmark speed dial available, giving you a one page overview of most recently visited 16 bookmarks.

Because MicroB is such a powerful and full-featured browser, you can take advantage of "the full web" on your device. There is a list of handy websites.