Mozilla Maemo Danish Weekend/Developer Challenge

The developer challenge is about who can create or port the most awesome add-on for Fennec. There are a couple of useful links here and here.


[edit] Criteria


[edit] Prize

Paid trip and lodging to the Maemo Summit in Amsterdam, October 9-11, 2009 (max 3 persons)

[edit] Deadline/Submission

Add a link to your submission before 3 PM Sunday afternoon and we will have a session at 4 PM announcing the winner and demoing a few of the add-ons.

[edit] Fennec Desktop Builds

[edit] Ideas

Below is a list of ideas for add-ons. Feel free to add more.

  • Geolocation
    • What's Near Me
    • ATM Finder
  • Tab Thumbnail Badging
    • Micro Summaries
  • Ad Block+
  • Twitter Clients
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Widget (iGoogle, Yahoo, W3C)
  • Flickr (photo) Viewer (flickable full-screen photo viewer)
  • Search Plugins
  • Social Networking
  • Notifications
  • D-Bus Fennec Alerts

[edit] Jury

  • Brian King,
  • Quim Gil, Maemo SW
  • Kees Jongenburger, Council
  • Madhava Enros, Mozilla
  • Stuart Parmenter, Mozilla
  • Christian Sejersen, Mozilla

[edit] Submissions

Please provide a link to the add-on, your names (up to 3 people), contact information and a two sentence summary of you add-on.

[edit] Fabrice Desré (

  • GeoGuide ( : an add-on that shows different kinds of information near you, using the geolocation API. It allows to popuplate a map with only what you're interested in (pictures, events, wikipedia articles...)
  • GraffiTwit ( : aa Twitter client with a unique feature : instead of writing text messages, you can now use a Canvas based drawing board to send sketches, and of course view them when other twitterers send you sketches.

[edit] David Greaves (lbt)

  • Qt/Shopper : Add touchable scroll to the Qt framework - with fremantle bounce; Means that any Qt developer gets fingerscroll for free ... demonstration through re-orientable shopping list application (installed on #7)... lbt

[edit] Thomas Perl (thp)

  • gPodder Podcast Client for Fremantle (here), Diablo (here), Chinook (here) and Mer (screenshots): An application for downloading audio and video podcasts to Maemo devices. Uses the new Hildon AppMenu and PannableArea on Fremantle.

[edit] liqbase packages for fremantle

Gary Birkett Kees J Jeremiah

(To be honest, Kees did all the work. He sat hacking on the build and on packaging most of the day and did a great job.) kees++

liqbase package works on new device

example run command ./vworld -showwidget liqrecentusers

[edit] Multi User Map (Social Geolocation)

  • Adam Harwell - aharwell at trinity dot edu
  • John Bloom - johnxx at gmail dot com
  • Users run an updater statusbar-plugin or background daemon that uploads their GPS location, name, a custom image, and their current "status" (custom message) to a central database at some interval, and can run a map application (or possibly a maemo-mapper modification/plugin) that pulls all of the entries from the database and plots them as "moving POIs" to facilitate groups (especially at events like this hackfest or a summit) meeting and exploring. With the constant connectivity of Maemo5, GPS and a decent camera, users would also be able to add custom POIs on the fly and they would be distributed to everyone, for instance taking a picture of a restaurant, set the name to "Bob's Cafe", the comment to "meetup at 6pm!", and everyone has the info! No more wandering around confusedly looking for a bar. :)

[edit] Detector

  • Nicolas Belloni -
  • Mattias Rost -

Detector is an add-on to bring more fingerfriendliness to the content of webpages on Fennec. So we are aiming at adding more interaction to phone numbers, addresses and contacts' names. The type of interaction style that we add to the content needs to be thought in order not to be destructive and to take into account the lack of contextual menu. To begin with, we want to detect phones numbers and give the possibility to users to call, save or sms this number. Potential other data to detect:

  • Addresses to link to maps
  • Names linked to address book and social networks
  • Dates to add to calendar

(we have to leave now to catch our trains, we can update this later if needed)