Mozilla Maemo Danish Weekend/Mozilla topics


[edit] Mozilla (tentative) schedule

This is an early draft.

The event is split in two kinds of activities: talks & open sessions.

[edit] Developer Challenge

Instructions for the developer challenge.

[edit] Morning Talks

[edit] Saturday

Time:09:00 - 10:00


Time:10:00 - 10:20

  • Opening session - welcome address
    • Who: Mozilla (Christian Sejersen) + Maemo (Quim Gil)
    • What: A brief introduction and an overview of the weekend's schedule

Time:10:20 - 10:50

  • What is Fennec ?
    • Who: Stuart Parmenter (Mozilla Mobile Team)
    • What: Demo of Fennec, future of Fennec, why addons matter, perf/canvas things

Time:10:55 - 11:20

  • Fennec UI - development implications
    • Who: Madhava Enros
    • What: Fennec UI and important things you should know before developing add-ons for Fennec
    • Slides here:

Time:11:25 - 11:55

  • How to write your first Firefox extension

Time:12:00 - 12:30

  • Porting a Firefox extension to Fennec
    • Who: Brian King
    • What: A tutorial on how to update a Firefox addons to a Fennec addon

Time:12:30 - 13:30


Time:13:30 -

[edit] Sunday

Time:10:00 - 10:45

  • Mozilla Addons in the mobile context, what you should care about?'
    • Who: FIXME
    • What: User experience in the mobile world (small screen, new behaviors, ...)

Time:11:00 -

  • Build Fennec Addons
  • Open Sessions

[edit] Open Sessions

[edit] Format

The open hack sessions are just that, sessions where attendees are encourage to fire up their laptops and hack away on any project they feel like that is relevant to Maemo and Fennec. The open hack session will take place in the main hall (atrium) of the ITU which is a large space. "Experts" of Maero and Fennec will be wearign special shirts with the word "EXPERT" written in large on their tshirts as well as the name of their area of expertise (example: "EXPERT - SECURITY). these experts will be walking around the atrium ready to answer any questions you may have that can help you push your hacking forard and help you make progress on your project.

Here is a list of topics that Mozilla would like discuss with participants:

  • What kind of extensions does a mobile browser need?
  • How can we better enhance the user experience through addons?
  • How to link your desktop and your mobile browser (weave)?
  • NEw ideas for Fennec add-ons
  • Feel free to add you own topics here!

[edit] Proposed Sessions

  • Who: timeless
  • When: Saturday afternoon?
  • What: Can we improve how Find works?

  • Who: timeless
  • When: Saturday afternoon?
  • What: Can we replace Flash?

  • Who: timeless
  • When: Saturday afternoon?
  • What: Zooming <frame>s

  • Who: timeless
  • When: Saturday afternoon?
  • What: Improving <select> behavior for mobile devices

  • Who: Joel Maher
  • When: Saturday afternoon?
  • What: Providing Information

  • Who: some Mozilla mobile expert will be there, will write code and will be able to help you, to discuss and work with you.
  • When: During all the weekend
  • What: