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The panucci User Manual


[edit] About This Manual

[edit] Copyright Information

[edit] Disclaimer

[edit] Credits

[edit] Installing

Install from the installation manager. Or it can be obtained here

[edit] Introduction

panucci is primarily a podcast player, though it can be used as a music player.

[edit] Highlights

  • auto memorize playback position on exit
  • resumes from memorized position when track is next played
  • Easy, single handed operation
  • Skip forward/backwards (short skip and long skip)
  • support for mp3 and ogg playback

[edit] Using panucci

Panucci is mostly intuitive. This manual is intended to describe areas that might not be immediatly obvious.

[edit] Accessing audio

[edit] Opening audio

The 'Open' menu brings up a file manager which can be used to select individual audio tracks.

[edit] Opening playlists

From the 'Open' menu, select a playlist file instead of an individual track.

[edit] Saving playlists

There is no menu option to save playlists - instead, if you have generated a playlist and make a selection that would change it (eg selecting a new track) you will be asked if you want to save the playlist first.

[edit] Creating playlists

See this post.

[edit] Playback controls

The long press functions will come in at version 0.4

|<< and >>|
  Short press: Skip backward/forward by the amount contained by
    the "seek_long" gconf setting (default: 60 seconds).
  Long press: Skip backward/forward by one track in the playlist.

[*] (the bookmark button)
  Short press: Create a bookmark at the current position
  Long press: Switch to the playlist tab and highlight the
    current track.

[edit] Q&A

Any questions that come up more than once in the Forum can be put in here