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(User-section packages in the extras-testing repository depending on python)

Updated 2011-04-12 by manually adding the package descriptions

  • accdisplay - View/Record/Playback accelerometer's raw data in a graphical manner.
  • anarchism - An exhaustive exploration of Anarchist theory and practice
  • attitude - An artificial horizon and spirit level.
  • comix - GTK Comic Book Viewer
  • copernicium - Periodic table of chemical elements.
  • dialcentral - Touch screen enhanced interface to the GoogleVoice phone service
  • digghomewidget - Digg widget that sits on your desktop and let's you check the top Digg topics.
  • ejpi - A Touch Screen Optimized RPN Calculator using Pie Menus
  • fapn - GUI for adding a new GPRS APN
  • feedingit - A RSS feed reader with portrait mode support
  • fmradio - Turn the N900 into a FM radio
  • freecell4maemo - An implementation of the classic Freecell cardgame for the Maemo platform.
  • fschedule - Show movie schedule for cinemas:
  • gcompris - Educational games for small children
  • glogarchive - view, search, archive, export SMS/IM messages and calling-history from the eventlogger
  • gonvert - Unit Conversions
  • gpodder - A podcast aggregator for the Nokia N900
  • greekiradio - Add greek internet radio stations from to Media Player radio list
  • hermes - Enrich contacts' information from social networks
  • homeip - homeip is a home widget made to display your ip on the desktop.
  • jamaendo - Streaming media player that plays music from
  • lybniz - Lybniz is a simple mathematical function graph plotter.
  • mastory - Blogging from your hands.
  • mclock - A large clock incl. a day/night world map.
  • mediabox - Media Center for Nokia Internet Tablets
  • mfefolders - Select which Mail for Exchange folders to synchronize.
  • mgutenberg - E-book reader with Project Gutenberg integration
  • mirror - Displays a real-time mirror image from the internal camera
  • moodlight - Colorcycling screen and LED flashlight.
  • n900fly - Uses the accelerometer to measure how high you can throw your n900
  • openvpn-applet - Status menu plugin for controlling OpenVPN connections
  • panucci - Play audio books, podcasts and live concerts with resuming
  • pygtkeditor - PyGTKEditor is a source code editor specially designed for devices running Maemo.
  • pyrecipe - Pyrecipe Recipe Manager
  • python2.5-py2deb - Generate simple deb(/rpm) from python
  • python2.5-qt4-experimental-doc - Python Qt bindings demos, examples and documentation
  • python2.5-qt4-doc - Python Qt bindings demos, examples and documentation (PR1.2)
  • quicknote - Simple note taking application in a similar vein as PalmOS Memos
  • rapier - A sword based Bible reader for maemo.
  • recaller - A widget to record all audio, be it as Dictaphone, Voicecalls or System sounds (FM and internet radio, game audio etc.) in various formats (e.g
  • scrabbledict - A dictionary reference for Scrabble
  • sgt-puzzles - Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - 1-player puzzle games
  • sleeper - A sleep widget to pause the music player (or Panucci or FM radio) after a user-defined time (in minutes). Can optionally also shutdown your N900
  • solarwolf - Collect the boxes and don't become mad
  • stockthis - The most complete stockquotes mobile application.
  • stopwatch - A stopwatch and countdown application
  • tennix - A funny 2D tennis game
  • touchsearch - Desktop Widget which allows you to search the web
  • witter - A twitter client in python
  • zoutube - Browse and watch Youtube videos