Rockbox is an open source audio player. It has been in development since 2001 and receives new features, tweaks and fixes every day to provide you with the best possible music listening experience.


[edit] Important features

  • Supports over 20 sound codecs:
  • Navigate music by folders or tag database
  • Gapless playback and crossfading
  • Ability to create your own themes
  • Album art support
  • Bluetooth headset support

[edit] Download (currently extras-devel only)

[edit] Known issues of this port

  • Touchscreen reacts too sensitive

[edit] Feature ideas for this port

[edit] FAQ for the maemo port

[edit] How do I exit the application?

Press CTRL+backspace to invoke the application switcher, click [X] to close it or tab an empty area to keep it running in the background. Use the "home" button on n8xx devices. Or, if you have an N900: Install Shortcutd and then you can press the camera button to get back to the dashboard.

[edit] How do I tell the tag database to ignore a folder?

Create an empty "database.ignore" file in that folder. Once this folder is there, all sub-folders will be ignored as well. A file "database.unignore" does the opposite.

Example: place a "database.ignore" file in the root directory ("/") and a "database.unignore" in /media/mmc1/Music. In this way, only files under /media/mmc1/Music will be considered and everything else will be ignored.

[edit] How do I go to the main menu from the WPS (while playing screen)?

Tab the rockbox logo on the bottom left and click on the open folder icon in the context menu. From there navigate your way up to the main menu.

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