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[edit] General Information

We have seen several Facebook clients for Maemo. E.g. "Facebrick" which development was never finished and stopped working at some point after the Facebook API was changed or Kasvopus which, while being still under development(?), has a nice UI but is limited regarding features.

Sociality is another FB client developed in Qt by the famous, living legend, MohammadAG. It is supposed to include all features that can be included by using the FB API.

"Sociality Homescreen Screenshot"

It´s name "Sociality" is the result of a poll you may check "here".

Currently this app is available from extras-devel.

Also see Package Info Page

[edit] Disclaimer

!!! CAUTION !!!

This project is still in development stage, which means there might still be some risks, downsides and issues to be solved before it is ready for the average user... Please read this summary carefully and evaluate the risks involved for yourself! (Keep in mind that this can cause problems for the phone. Backup your data, backup your config (apps > system > backup) and know how to reflash)

Whatever you do, you are doing it at your own risk!

However, if you want to have a decent Facebook client on Maemo and want to help out here -

You are more than welcome as a tester.

[edit] Change Log

[edit] Version 0.1-3

  • Minor fixes to messages and notifications UI.
  • Links now clickable.
  • Horizontal scrolling disabled.
  • Launching via the icon should work now

[edit] Version 0.1-4

  • Implemented places and checkin support.
  • Notifications count now shown in button's text.
  • Added minor animations for avatars.

[edit] Version 0.1-5

  • Fixed time being shown in UTC instead of local time.
  • Added photo and proper photo album support.
  • Fixed non-latin character posting.

[edit] Version 0.2

  • Notes implemented.
  • Single album or single photo download.
  • Fixed events item layout in portrait mode.
  • Attendees button now works in events window.
  • Friends window and news feed window use threading to improve performance.
  • Friends and avatars are now cached (/home/user/.cache/MohammadAG/sociality).
  • Cookies for are now saved (/home/user/.local/share/data/MohammadAG/sociality/facebook.cookies).
  • All application menu buttons in the main view (Account settings, privacy settings etc...) now work (as per the iOS app, they redirect to's site, since there's no API for this).
  • Notifications will now have visual, audible, and haptic feedback, clicking a notification will open the notification dialog, all of this is configurable in settings (audible notifications will not sound in Silent profile).
  • Youtube videos will now playback inside the application, if you don't like this, simply tap the title bar and open the link in the browser/copy it to your favourite youtube app.
  • News feed window shows links properly.
  • Places does not cause a segmentation fault if you click done without selecting a place.
  • A map widget will show when you select a place to check into.
  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Delete button will ask for confirmation.
  • Experimental loading widget, thanks to cutetube for the image (this only shows in news feed for now).
  • Like button will correctly show unlike if the post is already liked.
  • Auto refresh implementation, configurable in settings (0 to disable auto refresh).
  • Notifications will be marked as read on when they're read
  • Added a donate button to the about dialog

[edit] Version 0.2-1

  • Explicit dependency on q-extras version 1.0.7

[edit] Version 0.3

  • Chat implemented.
  • Menu icon name changed to Sociality.
  • Photo upload implemented.
  • Fixed tagging friends in check-in widnow.
  • Play videos inside the application
  • Don't attempt to refresh if there's no active connection.
  • Allow the application to always run in the background.
  • Implemented friend requests and accepting them.
  • Added QBadgeButton (translated from Khertan's Python version) to show notification count.
  • Allow commenting on photos.
  • Notifications for comments on photos now working.
  • Disable loading animation on Maemo 5 (performance issues, for now).
  • Tags and "to" ID implemented and fixed (old versions showed incorrect -> Friend name if multiple friends are tagged).
  • Added a progress bar to the login window.

[edit] Version 0.3-1

  • Group Sociality's notifications on top of the main window (reboot required)

[edit] Planned / Requested Features

  • Using "Facebook"-theme (blue and white) and maybe some eye-candy graphics and animations would be nice instead of a Maemolike UI (black, bold buttons). While some users in the TMO thread seem to prefer a Maemolike UI, the majority seems to prefer blue/white, maybe some kind of themeing can be implemented.
  • Refresh-button not in top menubar, but easily accessible in content area with 1-click or by dragging feed down from top
  • More button on the bottom of the news feed
  • Searching Facebook
  • Full screen mode option
  • Desktop widget | Working on it ~MohammadAG
  • Sync contacts (only contacts thats in my phone address book and/or sync all contacts.) Note: There is an alternative dedicated app for this called Hermes: "Hermes"
  • Call option beside friend name | Facebook API doesn't expose this ~MohammadAG
  • Offline support for news feed and all
  • Enable add photos on checkins
  • Swiping to be added to photo view for going to next or previous picture and zoom in pictures, e.g. with a gesture as in Microb or with volume keys
  • Use Volume +/- to alter the font scale
  • Friends list in tile mode with bigger profile picture
  • Calendar pulling events from FB automatically
  • Choice between "Top News" and "Most Recent"
  • Open status comments as folder trees in _same_ view

[edit] App Icon

Currently Sociality uses a default FB icon. Users in the original thread mentioned above provided several suggestions for an icon:

Icon 1 Icon 2 Icon 3 Icon 4 Icon 5 Icon 6 Please feel free to comment, suggest improvements or create own icons using this "thread" :-)

[edit] UI Design

MAG asked for support regarding UI design. Users in the original thread provided icons as well as mockups:

Iconset 1

Mockup 1 Mockup 2 Mockup 3 Mockup 4 Mockup 5 Mockup 6 Mockup 7 Mockup 8 Mockup 9 Mockup 10 Mockup 11 Mockup 12

Please feel free to comment, suggest improvements or create own mockups using this "thread":-)

[edit] Known Issues

  • Messages in News Feed timeline from friends app/games, stuff like their FarmVille prizes etc.

(Note: These have to be disabled on facebook itself: On a browser, check your newsfeed. Where you get i.e. a Farmville post, click "x" topright to remove it, and a little menu will appear. Click "Hide all by Farmville" and you will never see any notifications from that app again. Do this for each app until your newsfeed is clear on whichever device you choose to read it on. Sorted!)

  • Can't add a new place (Not supported by FB API)
  • Notes are not yet editable
  • Send messages is not supported by Facebook API
  • Kinetic scrolling sometimes goes crazy and goes way too fast (probably related to Forum Nokia Wiki page about Kinetic Scrolling and QTBUG-9054)
  • Accepting friend requests gives an error "sorry we are trying to get it working"
  • Chat is implemented using XMPP (QXmpp library), takes some time to load initial online list but you can actually chat immediately
  • Notifications to work with app running in background require a restart of phone and setting a refresh interval to work
  • Sociality doesn't start up in background at boot up, you'll have to do start it up yourself after reboot or make an event.d file for it
  • Sound notification is not working yet for chat
  • Chat does not scroll automatically to the latest chat dialogue
  • Loading indicator is implemented for the News feed, but not yet when loading a photo and the comments, or comments for a status update
  • New status gets cut off after ampersand(&) symbol

[edit] Easter-Eggs

[edit] Light UI Layout

In Version 0.2-1, for an basic experimental light layout in news feed:

Add white-mode=true

under [main] in /home/user/.config/MohammadAG/sociality.conf

(This is just a basic implementation and doesn't look good since hildon's themes use a black background instead of transparency.)

[edit] Experimental Chat Feature

The chat feature is hidden in Version 0.2-1 (only goes online and shows friends now) you're free to enable it by adding


to the config file (/home/user/.config/MohammadAG/.config/sociality.conf))

This key is obsolete as of Version 0.3

[edit] Donations

...are welcome :-) Use "Donate"-button in "About" from top bar menu - Thanks! :-)