Task:Open Source Proof Points

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After youtube’s madness, I wouldn’t ever underestimate the creativity of the kids anymore. After wikipedia, the Linux kernel, KDE, GNOME, Webkit and Firefox, I wouldn’t ever underestimate the energy of volunteer experts anymore.

From the mind of Philip

All we know open source is great, but in addition of the aim and the theory it is good to collect real cases. Those proof points should be based on the Maemo platform and showcase examples of open source contribution goodness. Examples on how community contributions are helping Nokia building a better platform and shipping commercial products with it.


[edit] Application Manager

The open Application Manager has allowed community developers to step in and begin improving it without waiting for Nokia.

[edit] Patches

Community members have submitted many patches to Maemo thanks to its open nature.

Some of these are currently being integrated into a Community Seamless Software Update - updates and upgrades to N900's Maemo 5 core software that can be installed as a normal firmware update, provided entirely by community members.

[edit] Applications

Some of the best community contributions are simply applications!

[edit] Maemo Mapper

Maemo Mapper has been here since OS2006 on the 770, and is a community-built, open source mapping application with GPS support. It's an excellent alternative to the default Map application included with OS2008/Diablo.

[edit] Canola

Possibly a jewel of open-source on the tablets, Canola (again, since OS2006) is a (soon to be?) open-source media center for the tablet. It's got plug-ins for last.fm, YouTube, and has a built-in podcast downloader and photo-viewer. It can download cover-art automatically (again, with a plug-in) and do plenty of neat tricks.

[edit] MPlayer

Why wasn't this included by default in OS2008, or at least Diablo? It supports every bloody format you can throw at it, and is a massive improvement over the default. There are also frontends that increase usability.

[edit] Alternative Operating Systems

Main article: Alternative operating systems

Many ports of other operating systems have been done and can be installed with little trouble, thanks to a great deal of community support and documentation.