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In an effort to unify and strengthen the Maemo Community, Internet Tablet Talk will be coming under the maemo.org banner as talk.maemo.org. Hosting costs be picked up by Nokia, which means advertisement can be removed from the site.


[edit] New structure

The Internet Tablet Talk news, wiki and software sections will be deprecated in favor of the maemo.org News Wiki, and Downloads. Reggie and Roger will continue blogging from either Midgard or a new forum feature.

[edit] Moderators and administrators

New moderators (to be chosen, likely by Reggie with some community input) and administrators (likely people with root access to maemo.org) will be added to the team to help manage spam; move, merge and (where necessary) lock threads; and generally keep the forums clean, fun, and friendly. Reggie will still remain in control, though.

[edit] Forum software and maemo.org integration

itT's current version of vBulletin is a few releases old, so a software upgrade should be part of the move. A new theme will need to be developed to integrate the forums with the rest of maemo.org (hopefully transparently).

[edit] Downloads integration

With the forums coming under the maemo.org banner, the itTSS will be restarted with tighter integration with Downloads.