My name is Jamie Bennett and I'm from Bath in the UK [1]. I've been using Linux since installing Slackware in 1995 and maemo since buying a 770 some time back. Currently I'm using an n800.


[edit] Information

* Homepage: LinuxUK
* Launchpad: Jamie Bennett
* Member of Ubuntu UK
* Member of Blog Aggregators:
  * Planet Maemo 
  * Planet Ubuntu-UK
* Commercial and free open source contributor for LinuxUK

[edit] Contact

* IRC : JamieBennett on freenode
* Email : MailTo(jamie -AT- SPAMFREE linuxuk -DOT- org)
* Jaiku : [2]

[edit] Current Contributions

* My List of Reported/Subscribed Bugs
* My List of Contributed Packages

[edit] Past Projects

* Linux from Scratch Head developer for the ALFS (Automated Linux from Scratch) tools.