• Name: Jeff Moe
  • Email:
  • Nick: jebba, jebbajeb, jebba900, etc...

I have stopped development on Meego/Maemo, so these pages are getting quickly dated. Ciao!

My old nokia
My old Nokia phone, replaced by N900. Makes a nice background :)

  • Usually I dot my laptop with READMEs in various ~/devel/ subdirs, but in this case I decided to write up some notes here. These are mostly for my own reference, but perhaps they will be of use to you.
  • Feel free to take any of these pages and copy them over to the main wiki namespace (here or in any other wiki, for that matter).


[edit] Package Building HOWTO

The Package Building HOWTO now has its own page. :)

[edit] Kernel

The new kernel page

[edit] Freemoe git

git clone git://

[edit] SDK

The SDK page.

[edit] Repositories

[edit] Flashing

Separate page about flashing, for your perusal.

Note, the flash page has the info about "debricking" easily.

[edit] Wifi Hotspot

How to set up your N900 as a wifi hotspot to share it's connection with other computers. :)

[edit] Mer

Jebba Mer

[edit] Fedora

Fedora 12 on Nokia N900 (!!)

[edit] VNC

Over at User:Jebba/VNC.

[edit] Backups

See User:Jebba/Backups

[edit] Video

More space for talking about video at the new page.

[edit] Mirrors

I have shut down my mirrors.

A mini-HOWTO set up mirroring maemo repository content

[edit] DBUS

Now at User:Jebba/DBUS.

[edit] Gripes

I gripe over here now.

[edit] Freemoe

I have a server co-located at NetDepot with a SDK installed. If you would like an account on there send me an email at

[edit] Bugs

Bugs now has its own page.

[edit] My Packages

There is now a separate Packages by Jebba page.

[edit] VoIP

See: User:Jebba/VoIP.

[edit] ofono


[edit] Cryptsetup

User:Jebba/Cryptsetup - HOWTO use crypto filesystem on N900.

[edit] Setup

I have move setup to its own page. A bit antiquated already!

[edit] sbdmock

My sbdmock page.

[edit] Tweaklets

[edit] Random

Punted over to the new Random page.