Hi, I'm kerio (kerio on freenode, Kerio on TMO).

I'm a candidate for the April 2013 community council election (both for MCC and HFC, but that distinction is pointless, as explained later). I've been constantly active (mostly on IRC, in #maemo and #maemo-ssu) since almost a year (bought my second N900 after a long hiatus in June 2012), and I've followed almost every Council meeting since then.

I've been a CSSU "power" user since I got this N900; I'm currently running CSSU-thumb and I'm constantly testing the new CSSU-devel packages; I'm also running Pali's BME replacement, and I've helped luf in the testing and bugfixing of the updated bluez, especially regarding BT PAN and DUN.

I've decided I wanted to join the Council following what happened in the last few months, mostly because of the problems during the last election, where there were much less than a healthy amount of candidates, and because of SD69 trying to "interpret" the bylaws regarding *the* Community Council and a supposedly separate Hildon Foundation council that should've been elected since the very beginning of HFC, according to his interpretation. The bylaws were written with the specific purpose of allowing the Maemo community to gain ownership of the Maemo assets, kindly donated by Nokia, and the HiFo NFP is merely a legal requirement of that; the actions of HiFo are supposed to be governed by the community, and having a separate Hildon Foundation Council is, in light of this, absurd.

Stuff I made: