[edit] Me

I'm a longtime linux user:

  • My TV runs linux (MythTV)
  • My desktop is linux (Debian)
  • My wife's desktop is linux (Debian)
  • My dom0 is linux and so are my domUs
  • My car stereos run linux (Empegs)
  • My PDAs run linux (Zaurus, N800)
  • My hifi runs off linux (Squeezebox, Rio Receiver)
  • One day my pictureframe will run linux

Things I've done elsewhere:

I'm a strong believer in the social value of OpenSource to the community of people and the economic value to a community of businesses.

contact me at david at dgreaves dot com

[edit] Projects

  • I am the Mer Build Tools Mentor too. If you need anything OBS related then please ask. I started most of the Mer/Build area.
  • I am currently working on getting OBS to build Fremantle packages.

[edit] Shopper

This was my N800 development SDK intro project.

A small but useful shopping list app. No need for python etc. Tailored for wandering round a supermarket.