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Prey article at Wikipedia

Prey is a free and open source laptop tracking software developed by Fork Ltd, that helps recover computers by tracing their location through the remote retrieval of information. The software is activated from the outside by using a URL as a checking method, and phones home by sending a detailed report either to a centralized control panel or directly to the computer owner's mailbox.

Prey is almost purely written in Bash, and runs on various versions of GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Its source code is hosted on GitHub and is free software, released under the GNU GPLv3.

Latest Prey features include Wi-Fi autoconnect, an alarm system, remote messaging, screenshot grabbing, screen locking, data securing, hardware scanning and webcam capturing, if the computer includes one. All of these functions are managed as modules, which can be activated on demand by the user, and new functions can be added by adding new modules.

The application was originally released for Linux and Mac OS X on March 24, 2009, and on April 19, 2009 the Windows port was released as well. The current stable release is 0.5.3.

[edit] General

Basically I've modified the source of Prey to make most of its features work for the N900. Since it's been a little trial-and-error procedure, I might have forgot some dependencies. But you will figure out when you run into errors!

[edit] Dependencies

  • fcron
  • curl
  • traceroute
  • wireless-tools
  • imagemagick
  • espeak

[edit] Download Link

[edit] What's working

  • Geolocation info
  • Network info
  • Take screenshot
  • List of running programs
  • Take picture with front camera
  • Alarm feature
  • Alert feature
  • Lock feature

[edit] Alarm feature

Uses the default Maemo 5 media player to start the alarm sound. Hopefully this won't be necassary later on.

[edit] Alert feature

Puts up a notification and if espeak is installed it will say it out aloud as well.

[edit] Lock feature

Uses the default Maemo 5 lock system, so please remember your lock code if you are using this.

[edit] What's not working at the moment

  • Secure feature

[edit] Installation


[edit] Manual (RECOMMENDED)

  • Download the MAEMOPREY folder here:
  • Make sure dependencies are installed
  • Copy all of the contents within the prey folder (the folder with the core, modules etc. folders inside) to the folder /usr/share/prey
  • Add /usr/share/prey/ to fcron with this code:
    (fcrontab -l | grep -v prey; echo "*/20 * * * * /usr/share/prey/ > /var/log/prey.log") | crontab -

[edit] Automatic should install Prey on the N900 for you automatically. If any problem occurs or you simply want to do it manually learn from the file instead of running it.

[edit] Configuration

[edit] Control Panel

I do not know if this is too important, but this is what I did. Add a new device and use these settings:

  • Device type: Laptop
  • Operating System: Debian
  • OS Version: Squeeze (6.0)

[edit] Prey

Edit config at /usr/share/prey/config

[edit] FAQ

  • Why fcron and not cron?
    • It seems that cron is not supported by Maemo 5.