My thoughts on "Questions a candidate might want to answer"

1. What are your thoughts on integrating Harmattan and potentially even Meltemi/other-open-Qt+Linux Nokia/other manufacturer devices into the Maemo community and

This community should be open to all Nokia platforms, and should work on creating better relations with Nokia on all of the platforms, I believe there is room for all.

2. There is a thread on TMO highlighting some of the problems the current council has had. Do you agree with the assertions in that thread that there's been a breakdown in communication between Nokia, Nemein and the council; and the council and the community? If so, how do we fix it? Actually I feel the community and council are quite open and accepting, but surely there is room to improve. Council needs to open ears, and listen to the community input for improvements or changes.

3. Do You agree, that lack of devices (hardware) is one of major roadblocks for Open mobility we would like to have? If yes, which way should Council focus on supporting:

Creating better connections with Nokia hopefully can make this better.

a) Cooperation with big companies (Nokia?), hoping that they'll finally release "device of our dreams" (or thing close to)?

This is needed, and what I will try to accomplish

b) Starting hard, demanding and somewhat costly (without guarantee of success) path of creating own device via donations, which - if succeed - may result in totally, or almost totally open device (way of Open Pandora, Raspberry Pi, etc)?

I think this road is doomed for failure, better connections with Nokia, is the way to help.

Sponsoring is the only feasible way forward, either by Nokia supporting us, letting the community in the development process (design ideas, platform, HW etc), or by obtaining sponsorships by funding. Now second one may be harder, we need to think quite deep on where it is feasible and likely to get sponsored, there are many options. The most likely in my point of view, is sponsoring by Nokia. (please do start commenting LOL) as hard as this may seem, I do not think it is unobtainable. But we need to think out a win-win situation. I believe Nokia would likely be open to design ideas, and also input for a platform that would attract not only the devs of the community, but also, through unique UI ideas, the general user. now, in order to develop a new device. this is practically possible, without zillions of $$. Prototyping boards with all the necessary HW is available. Now, when it comes to finish the product (design, custom mainboard, chips, screen etc) to a smaller, usable device, this is where it will start costing, probably hunfreds of thousands $. THAT is where we need to look for sponsoring. Chip manufacturers, cell phone manufacturers or whoever would be interrested in sponsoring.

If you believe I am 'only talking' I don't really blame you. Those who might have seen me on other forums for other platforms will know this is not the case. As for Nokia as a registered charity company, no they are not, but they are one of two who are (somwewhat) open for input. In other platforms community have a great cooperation with the phone manufacturers. Allowing some openness, but surely not complete (other companies play the hinder here - Nokia can not release sources for eg wireless network cards). This does NOT stand in the way for a more open platform, but we need Nokia to be up to speed (Sony is a pretty good example here) and actively help us developing binary blobs for where it is needed. So yes, I still say it is possible. And I will do my best to take part of the discussions with Nokia (also my employment situation makes this the more likely place for me to participate) I will try this no matter the election fall-out. But surely to speak on the behalf of the community, this election is the proper way to go. Otherwise it would only be 'me' single person speaking, making it much harder (still, not impossible)