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[Rearrangement of Documentation bug reports.] Mass-moving old closed Developer Platform > Documentation tickets.

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IDPStatusSeverityVersionProductSummary (1024 tasks)  Votes
9314LowNEWenhancement5.0:(10.2010.19-1)Licensing Change RequestsRelicense BME 130
6063+UnspecifiedNEWcritical5.0/(3.2010.02-8)Telephonyvoice calls inaudible most of the time, but not through speakers or earplugs 71
5880+UnspecifiedNEWnormal5.0:(20.2010.36-2)ConnectivityA2DP unstable when WiFi is on. 61
5597+HighVERIFIEDmajor5.0/(1.2009.42-11)SynchronizationFirst Synchronization between N900 and Exchange 2003 Server always fails 52
9238UnspecifiedNEWmajor5.0/(3.2010.02-8)TelephonyN900 loses cellular network connection regularly when signal strength is low. 49
10613+UnspecifiedREOPENEDmajor5.0:(20.2010.36-2)Chat & Call & SMSscreen glitches on incoming call 48
3762LowREOPENEDmajor5.0:(10.2010.19-1)EmailPerformance is unusable on IMAP accounts with a large number of messages in one or more folders (e.g. INBOX) 42
8435+UnspecifiedNEWnormal5.0/(3.2010.02-8)Desktop platformStrange readings from pressure sensitive applications using gtk.gdk.AXIS_PRESSURE 40
2501+UnspecifiedREOPENEDnormal5.0:(10.2010.19-1)Desktop platformHardware keyboard doesn't switch Input language when pressing Ctrl+Space 37
6907+UnspecifiedREOPENEDmajor5.0:(20.2010.36-2)Desktop WidgetsMedia Player widget suddenly starts music after Phone call ends 36
7909LowNEWnormal5.0/(3.2010.02-8)Desktop Widgets3rd party applets cause Media Player Widget not to work (needs to be readded) 32
10412+UnspecifiedNEWmajor5.0:(10.2010.19-1)Desktop platformhildon-desktop cpu usage, result=causes slow battery drain 29
9150+UnspecifiedNEWcritical5.0:(20.2010.36-2)CoreDevice doesn't respond via UI. syslog reports HWRecoveryResetSGX: SGX Hardware Recovery triggered, sgx_misr eating all CPU 29
6931+LowNEWnormal5.0:(20.2010.36-2)Desktop platformAfter installation of software last icon in list has default icon instead of own one 27
6784+LowNEWnormal5.0/(2.2009.51-1)MultimediaCrackling sounds with individual ringtones due to conversion to mono WAV 27
10312UnspecifiedREOPENEDmajor5.0:(10.2010.19-1)Chat & Call & SMSVideo calls with Skype does not work 26
10551+UnspecifiedNEWmajor5.0:(10.2010.19-1)Settings and MaintenanceSlow unresponsive Application Manager[1]24
9594+UnspecifiedNEWcritical5.0:(10.2010.19-1)MapData transfer even when not using network positioning 23
2051UnspecifiedNEWnormal5.0/(1.2009.42-11)ConnectivityUnable to connect to EAP PEAP MSCHAPV2 without certificates 22
8224LowNEWenhancementunspecifiedHermesSupport for getting orkut contact details with Hermes 22

[edit] Bugs for downloads

IDPStatusSeverityVersionProductSummary (45 tasks) WebsiteVisualize rating creation date and related software version[2] WebsiteComments on should automatically contain version number[3] WebsiteCan't upload screenshots to my pet project's page[4] WebsiteError 500 rating downloads WebsiteRequest to add additional RSS feeds at[5] WebsiteApplication catalog developer manual needs updating[6] WebsiteDownloads section lacks sorting categories[7] Website"Downloads statistics" should be a link for the "Downloads:" field[8] WebsiteMake downloads compatible with Google's Rich Snippets[9] WebsiteDownload statistics image is cut off WebsitePlease display XB-Maemo-Upgrade-Description in downloads WebsiteHot and Fresh shouldn't be same WebsiteApplications without screenshots shouldn't appear on front page of downloads[10] WebsiteXB-Maemo-Upgrade-Description is displayed way too soon WebsiteRemove erroneous voting data Website"Authors" not a sufficient descriptor WebsiteNot-so-Hot Software -- Shown Ratings not Actual Ratings WebsiteLink to external reviews for applications[11] WebsiteFeature request: "donate" support[12] WebsiteDownloads main page can display duplicates[13]

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