[edit] Background

I've been a lurker in the Maemo community ever since I got my N800 in mid-2008.

I've only recently began actively participating in the Maemo community. My goals are not necessarily only to begin learning how to program (in various languages), but to help users who may not have much experience with Linux.

I'm still a minor in the United States, so I won't be going to any Summits or anything, and you probably won't see me outside of the Wiki or Talk forums (for now ;))

[edit] Devices owned

Nokia N900 Nokia N800

Several family computers that run various Linux Distributions.

[edit] Experience

Member of the Academy of Information Technology at my school (within the top 50 in the USA, by the way).

First Contact with Linux: Late 2007 First Programming Experience: 2009 First C++ class (not yet): Mid-2010 to Mid-2011 First Java class (not yet): Mid-2011 to Mid-2013

Hope to be an active developer in the MeeGo community by 2011.