[edit] About Wazapp

Wazapp logo created by The Best Isaac
Wazapp is an IM application for N9 that allows you to chat with your Whatsapp buddies.

Wazapp consists of 2 parts, the IM application (wazapp), which is in Python, and the accounts plugin (waxmppplugin) in C++. The accounts plugin should be rewritten in python soon.

Despite thousands of Nokia N9 users signing an online petition, WhatsApp Inc. ignored all demands for releasing a version for the MeeGo. Tarek Galal released the first version of Wazapp for public beta testing on May 18, 2012. On May 25, 2012 Wazapp was made open source on GitHub. As of September 2012, Wazapp supports almost all features of the official WhatsApp client and languages (see features and languages comparison below).

The source code can be obtained from github.

[edit] Wazapp in action

A tribute to our heroes CepiPerez and knobtviker for the beautiful UI and full emoji support!

[edit] Feature comparison

Feature Original WhatsApp Wazapp
Chat x x
Group Chat x x
Location sharing x x
Media sharing x x
Exchange contacts x x
Broadcast messages x not yet, see GitHub issue
Broadcast media x not yet
Chat history x x
Message timestamps x x
Profile picture x x
Status update x x
IOS 6 Emoji (846) x x
Contact synchronisation x x
Account registration x x
Resize images before sending x x
Landscape mode x x
Change language no x
Custom theme colours x x
Custom background x x
Custom notification sounds x x
Block contacts x x
Audio recording x x
Push notifications x x
Daily database backup (7 days total) x work in progress
No international charges x x
User interface good awesome ;)
Price $0.99 free
License proprietary (closed source) open source (GNU GPL)

[edit] Supported Languages

Big thanks to all translators on Transifex!

Language Original WhatsApp Wazapp
Albanian x x
Arabic x x
Basque (Spain) no x
Bokmål x Request on Transifex
Bulgarian x x
Catalan x x
Chinese x x
Chinese (Hong Kong) x x
Chinese (Taiwan) x x
Croatian x x
Czech x x
Danish x x
Dutch x x
English (United Kingdom) x x
English (United States) x x
Estonian x x
Finnish x x
French (France) x x
French (Switzerland) x x
German (Germany) x x
German (Switzerland) x x
Greek x x
Hebrew x x
Hindi no x
Hungarian x x
Indonesian x Request on Transifex
Italian x x
Japanese x Request on Transifex
Korean x Request on Transifex
Macedonian no x
Malay x x
Norwegian x Request on Transifex
Persian x x
Polish x x
Portuguese (Brazil) x x
Portuguese (Portugal) x x
Romanian x x
Russian x x
Slovak x Request on Transifex
Spanish (Spain) x x
Spanish (Argentina) x x
Spanish (Mexico) x x
Swedish (Finland) x x
Swedish (Sweden) x x
Thai x x
Turkish x x
Ukrainian x x
Urdu no x
Vietnamese x x

[edit] Latest Upstream build


The latest wazapp version is 0.9.16 (Official Tgalal version)

[edit] Suitable terminals for N9

You do not need developer mode enabled in order to be able to have a terminal. Typing this will add terminal to your apps permanently, even when not in developer mode:

cp /usr/share/applications/meego-terminal.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/terminal.desktop

Suitable terminals are (non exclusive list):

[edit] Terminal commands

[edit] Enter superuser / root mode


Type the root password (default: rootme)

Note: The cursor will not move when you are typing the password, it is normal.

[edit] How to backup your Wazapp database

This should be done prior to anything else. Just in case things get bad (and they will sooner or later).

[edit] GUI solution

  1. Disconnect USB cable in case phone is connected to computer.
  2. Activate "Show root filesystem" AND "Show hidden files" in Filebox settings menu.
  3. Navigate to folder
  4. You should see a file similar to
  5. Select and copy it (long keypress)
  6. Navigate to
    and paste the file here
  7. Close Filebox and connect your phone by USB cable.
  8. You should find your backup copy in the MyDocs folder.

[edit] Terminal solution

  1. Disconnect USB cable in case phone is connected to computer.
  2. Open your favourite terminal
  3. Type
    cp ~/.wazapp/*.db ~/MyDocs/
  4. Close terminal and connect your phone by USB cable.
  5. You should find your backup copy in the MyDocs folder.

[edit] Install a new wazapp build

Download the deb file to your downloads folder (default: /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads/), then disconnect the phone from your computer (if previously connected by usb).


Type the root password (default: rootme)

cd /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads/
dpkg -i filename.deb

(filename obviously is the name of your deb file)

[edit] Kill / exit a stuck wazapp process

killall wazapp
kill `pidof wazapp`

[edit] Deleting your wazapp database

Warning: you will lose all chat history and messages!

rm -rf ~/.wazapp/*.db
rm -rf home/user/.wazapp/*.db

[edit] Create a logfile for troubleshooting

If developers asks for a log, you will send them one ;)

This is how it's done.

Note: wazapp must not be running!

/opt/waxmppplugin/bin/wazapp/wazapp >/home/user/MyDocs/wazapp-logfile.txt 2>&1

Once you're done capturing your log, you can find it on your usb storage when connected to pc via usb. Post it on Pastebin, attach the logfile as txt to your post or send it to CepiPerez if asked.

[edit] Autostart Wazapp on phone boot

wget http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=VfxNtsYg -O /etc/init/apps/wazapp.conf && /sbin/reboot

[edit] Content of /etc/init/apps/wazapp.conf (Never "pastebin" init scripts without checking!)

 description "wazapp autostart service"
 author "brkn"
 stop on core_shutdown
 console none
 nice 2
 exec /usr/bin/aegis-exec -s -u user -l /opt/waxmppplugin/bin/wazapp/wazapp

[edit] Completely purge Wazapp from your Nokia N9

{enter your password}
apt-get --purge autoremove wazapp
rm -rf /opt/waxmppplugin/
rm -rf /home/user/.wazapp/
Then reboot, & then install new version (if wanted).

[edit] Common errors and their solutions

[edit] Stays Offline

You need to open your phone Settings -> Internet Connection -> Switch on "Allow background connections". Otherwise Wazapp doesn't detect connection to Internet.

[edit] Connection error

Error Message:

status shows "Connecting…" when Wazapp is running.


  1. Delete folder (if you intend to use Filebox: folder is hidden)
  1. Update to latest Beta

[edit] Registration fail-too-many error

Error Message:

"Failed. Server said: fail-too-many"


If you are already using dev versions, update to the latest Beta, it should fix that issue. If not, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Wazapp on N9 and start registration
  2. Download and install BlueStacks
  3. Start BlueStacks and install WhatsApp
  4. Start Whatsapp and register your phone number
  5. Wait for verification code. Wazapp should register automatically if left open

[edit] Registration fail-too-recent:XXX

Error Message:

"Failed. Server said: fail-too-recent:XXX"

Solution: There are various solutions for this situation

* You recently registered or logged in, please wait for about XXX minutes before trying to re-register.
* You are using multiple devices with the same number on WhatsApp. WhatsApp meant for one device per session. Please remove WhatsApp completely from your previous device and re-register after mentioned XXX minutes

[edit] Need to re-register

Error message:

"need to remove your account from accounts manager and re-register"
  1. Remove account: Accounts – Wazapp – menu at bottom right – Delete Account
  2. Start Wazapp
  3. Follow registration path

If registration fails, follow the the fail-too-many instructions

[edit] Can't sync all contacts


Unable to sync all contacts to Wazapp


Update to latest Beta

[edit] Unable to receive messages


Unable to receive messages from contacts


  1. Uninstall Wazapp (do not remove Wazapp account)
  2. Restart phone
  3. Remove folder (if you intend to use Filebox: folder is hidden)
  1. Update to latest Beta
  2. Restart phone
  3. Start Wazapp

[edit] Notifications Are Silent on Ringing Profile

As of 24/09/12, there is a bug in Wazapp whereby new messages only vibrate instead of ringing with the chat notification.

The developers are currently working to fix this. This section will be updated once the bug is fixed.
Possible solution thanx to fenix_86
1   Uninstall Wazapp
2   Reboot the phone
3   Remove (preferably rename) the folder .wazapp in home/user/...
4   Remove (preferably rename) the folder Wazapp in home/user/MyDocs..
5   Install the latest version of Wazapp
6   Reboot the phone
7   Launch Wazapp and syncronize contact list
8   Reboot the phone (incase standby icons are red squares)
9   Relaunch Wazapp
10  Delete the old renamed folders (renamed in steps 3 and 4)

[edit] Wazapp Notifications Icon covers SMS Notification Icon

When you have an unread Wazapp message as well as an unread SMS, you might see only a Wazapp Notification Icon.
This is NOT a bug but a feature in Harmattan whereby SMS/IM/Wazapp are displayed by the latest Notification icon only!

[edit] Wazapp media is NOT found in Gallery

By default, all Wazapp media using Tarek's build is stored in /home/user/MyDocs/.wazapp/

Navigate to this location by using a file manager like Filebox to view the media.

In CepiPerez's build all Wazapp media are stored in /home/user/MyDocs/Wazapp/media and should appear in the Gallery

[edit] Last Seen Time for a Contact is Inaccurate


When Opening a Chat with a Contact, the last seen time is Inaccurate. Mostly, it is the time when you last sent a message to the contact.


Return to the Chat menu and Open the Chat with the Contact again. The Last Seen time will now be updated to be reflected accurately.

[edit] Red Dots Appear instead of Notification Icons


On the Low-Power Screen, Status Bar and Lockscreen instead of the green Wazapp Notification Icon, a Red Square/Box/Dot appears.


Reboot your phone. Most probably you have done a fresh installation and have not rebooted your phone.

[edit] Pictures not Appearing for Selecting Profile Picture


When choosing a Profile Picture, the selection screen has an ever-spinning spinner.


Quit Wazapp and re-start it. If it still isn't fixed, uninstall Wazapp from your system and delete all files in /opt/waxmppplugin/ before rebooting your device and re-installing the latest version of Wazapp

[edit] Changing language does not work


When changing the language and restarting Wazapp, the language is still english.


CepiPerez dev builds don't include language files other than English, even though other languages are visible in the settings menu. However, if you want to use a language other than English in "development" builds, follow these directions: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1277303#post1277303

[edit] Sending voice recordings does not work


When sending voice recordings nothing happens.


You need to receive a voice recording from your contact first.

[edit] Conversation missing and need to re-register after swapped SIM card


After swapped sim card, Wazapp will ask user to re-register and previous conversation is missing.


This is expected and that is how it works in WhatsApp official client.

[edit] No conversation bubble notification for one message

As per latest Beta, developer said that this is how it will work.

[edit] Registration fails with old_version


If you try to register phone number on latest version 0.9.22, obtain a code by some means and enter it manually, wazapp gives an error old_version.


# Head over to https://openrepos.net/content/alexxxlrus/wazapppath.
# Download wazapppath deb package.
# Install latest wazapp 0.9.22 (don't launch it) and install wazapppath deb you just downloaded.
# Open wazapp and try to register. It should work. You may still have to enter the code manually.

[edit] Cannot obtain registration code via text or voice


You are unable to obtain registration code by text or voice.


# Head over to https://github.com/shirioko/WART.
# Download WART.
# Run WART, enter your phone number with country code but without + or 0. Request registration code. You should get a text or call.

[edit] How to pay for your WhatsApp account

Your 'WhatsApp' account usage time may be expired if you get problems sending messages or logging in. You can pay via PayPal to extend your 'WhatsApp' account:

German, Austrian and Swiss accounts/ numbers: Use WhatsApp payment link generator here

Alternative solution: Use this link: http://www.whatsapp.com/payments/cksum_pay.php?phone=XXX&cksum=YYY You have to change XXX to your number in international format and YYY to md5(XXX + 'abc').