Who is doing what

There have been lots of things going on for Maemo and related projects nowadays, and we [the Community] feel that it is now our turn to prove that we can improve the Maemo experience for everyone by collaborating and creating outstanding quality software together!

Help us forge the future! We ask you to join us and collaborate with us to shape the destiny of Maemo(/MeeGo) with an open heart and in the spirit of Open Source development.

If you are an end user, you can also help us with testing and reporting bugs.


[edit] Purpose

The purpose of this page is to keep track of who is doing what. That is with regards of Maemo (or perhaps MeeGo) and related open source projects.

[edit] So what's this?

The objective of this page is to encourage collaboration and prevent people from creating a conflictiong set of patches or starting to work on the same issues. (So, we'd like to keep you from "reinventing the wheel" all over again.)

[edit] Get involved!

If you start a project that you think may be sought after by others, fill in the appropriate table below with your name and some information about what you're doing. Please provide a link as well.

Thus, when someone is interested in doing the same, he doesn't have to start from scratch but can cooperate with you. This holds obvious benefits for developers and end users, too.

So, anyone who would like to work on the same thing as you can find you and your project and contribute to it. End-users will also enjoy the feeling of having professionally crafted software with multiple people working on it instead of redundant ones.

What are you waiting for? The tables are waiting on you impatiently to fill them.

[edit] System-related software

Different packages (or forks) from official repositories and SSUs, hardware-close software, platform components and shared libraries.

People working on system-related software
Project People Description Link
N900 GPS Luke Dashjr (luke-jr) Direct hardware interface for N900 GPS
Hildon-Extras Andrew Olmsted (Fiferboy)

Cornelius Hald (Conny)
Faheem Pervez (qwerty12)
Thomas Perl (thp)
Timur Kristóf (Venemo)
Gabriel Schulhof (Nix_nix)

A set of community-contributed Hildon/Gtk widgets and dialogs that provide application developers with the means to create usable and well-balanced user interfaces. Wiki page
Hildon-Desktop (kinetic) Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh (MohammadAG) Hildon-Desktop package with the application menu kinetic scrolling change from PR 1.2 improved, plus every post-PR 1.2 fix applied. Talk thread
Maemo 5 Community SSU Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh (MohammadAG)

Gary Birkett (Lcuk)
Andrew Flegg (Jaffa)
Sebastian Lauwers (CrashandDie)
Niels Breet (X-Fade)
Timur Kristóf (Venemo)
Lucas Maneos (lma)
Marat Fayzullin (RST38h)

Community-supported seamless software update for the Nokia N900.
Wiki page

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[edit] User applications

Applications and other such pieces of software. Add your own application here!

People working on user applications
Project People Description Link
Sticky Notes Timur Kristóf (Venemo) An easy-to-use note-taking homescreen widget for the Fremantle Hildon Desktop. Written using Qt and uses the Hildon-Extras library to enrich user experience. Supports basic text formatting. Talk thread
Your app You Please add your application to this table (before this row) if you are developing something. This page