Fremantle closed packages/bt-firmware


Closed source package bt-firmware

As name suggest, this is bluetooth firmware. (BCM2048 is the name of the Bluetooth chip from Broadcom.)

Default installed version:

bt-firmware:  Installed: 0.21-rc3+0m5

Provides files:


No package depends on it.

If removed (not suggested)

*Not critical: device will still start
*Can't turn bluetooth ON (as expected).
*'About'-box will not show bluetooth address (cat /sys/devices/platform/hci_h4p/bdaddr is still showing it).
(*FM-radio transmitting works. Radio is on the same chip, but it isn't using this firmware-file)


MeeGo has package (closed, but redistributable?) 'bcm-bt-firmware' with description
Firmware image for the BCM bluetooth chip. Firmware image is needed to boot up bluetooth chip that is found in Nokia Internet Tablets.
Version: 0.21rc3