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This is a wiki. You can edit the articles. Just make sure to use the special syntax to properly format text, include links and so on.


[edit] Format text

[edit] Headings

To make headings:

This markup produces
== Header ==

[edit] Header

=== Sub-Header ===

[edit] Sub-Header

==== Sub-sub-Header ====

[edit] Sub-sub-Header

[edit] Font Face

To make bold or italic font:

This markup produces
This is ''italic'' and this is '''bold'''. This is italic and this is bold.

[edit] Lists

An asterisk "*" at the start of each line indicates an item in a bullet list:

  • One item
  • and another one

Create a numbered list by adding a hash sign "#" at the start of the line:

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. Third item

[edit] Code

To make clear text is meant as code or computer in/output use <pre> and </pre> tags to surround the text:

<pre>this is preformatted text</pre>


this is preformatted text

Alternatively, just prepend a space at the beginning of the line:

<- here is a space at the beginning of the line.

For code that appears in the middle of a sentence, use <code> and </code> tags for formatting.

[edit] Creating links

To link to another article in this wiki:

This markup produces
Have a look at our [[new users]] section. Have a look at our new users section.

To link to another namespace, e.g. a category:

This markup produces
Have a look at our [[:Category:Users]] section. Have a look at our Category:Users section.

[edit] Creating tables

Make a sortable table. This input:

{| class="wikitable sortable" border=1
! col1 !! col2 !! col3
| field1 || field2 || field3
| ZZZ    || AAA    || MMM


col1 col2 col3
field1 field2 field3

[edit] Templates

Templates allow you to pre-define text and layout that can be included in other pages. Examples are notifications like "This site is a stub" or information boxes for applications that contain certain fields like "name" and "genre". Include a template demo like this:


[edit] Further information

This wiki is powered by MediaWiki. The full formatting help is therefore available on their website.