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[edit] Introduction

Welcome to, the heart of the Maemo community, and the central clearinghouse for things related to the Maemo operating system, and the devices that run it (including the 770, N800, N810 and N900). You may have come in here from the intro page, or from a web search, or from a link to the New Users page someplace. Wherever you came from, here's hoping this little page can help satisfy your needs.

If you are new to Maemo, thinking of buying a device like the N900, or just interested in whether or not this is for you, you have come to the right place. Here, and in the pages we point to from here, we will try to answer your questions and concerns. If we don't, then all you need to do is ask (we will tell you how to do that too).

Ready to dive in?


[edit] What is Maemo?

Best answered by having a look at this page: Maemo basics and then Software Platform if you feel adventurous!

Maemo was originally created to power Nokia's entry in to the Internet Tablet market. The first device to make use of Maemo was the Nokia 770 in late 2005, followed by the Nokia 800 later renamed to the N800 in early 2007. Both the 770 and the N800 made use of high resolution touch screens and a stylus. The N810 was released in late 2007, adding and removing some features of the N800 (most notably the hardware keyboard).

If you want to know more about the N810, N800 or 770 Internet Tablet, the best place to start is the page on tablets and follow the links. You can find out more on the History of Maemo.

Because the N900 is likely why you're here, let's talk about that.


[edit] What is the Nokia N900? (With FAQ!)

The N900 is the first of Nokia's Internet Tablets to incorporate full phone functionality.

For some immediate answers to your questions and insight, try the FAQ page, which also covers some other aspects of Maemo devices in general.

Nokia's Official N900 page (archived version from June 2010) also has a great overview you might enjoy reading. You may also want to check the Nokia N900 hardware page.

The N900 runs the Maemo 5 Operating System. Maemo 5 is often referred to by its release name "Fremantle". If you want an easy intro to many of Maemo5's features you might enjoy the videos on the Maemo5 101 page.


[edit] How do I find even more information?

The site is a community-based discussion (bulletin) board with a great many knowledgeable users, developers, and just plain curious types. It's a great place to find answers to your questions, but you should be sure to use the Search facility first.

You can then say hello, then you can post a message (question) in the new user's questions thread, or perhaps just read on!

There's also now a fledgling Greeters - look at the page for starters, and feel free to ask the people who have spoken up there questions if you need a helping hand.