Sprints/August 09


August 2009 Sprint planning


Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks in the Backlog and the Proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Task ID Task Sprint priority Owner Percentage complete Notes
9.08-01 Get "Nokia patches" cleanly into Bugzilla .4 test install, dropping as many deltas as possible Must Ferenc 0%
9.08-02 #3692 Re-import discussion karma Must Ferenc 0%
9.08-03 Fix any other logged karma issues Must Ferenc 0%
9.06-05 Package promotion/repository management/community QA interface Must X-Fade 90% Basic interface is in place, most tests look promising.
9.08-04 Integrate minimae into package promotion to get infrastructure & UI in place Must Jeremiah 0%
9.06-07 Karma for applications - get agreement on formula Must indeyets 25% This sprint must: get data, come up with proposals, communicate to -community/developers and push for consensus.
9.07-01 Setup SSO-integration (GForge) Must danielwilms 60%
9.08-05 Identify/communicate to tmo users about upcoming election Must Jaffa 0%
9.08-06 Produce Maemo Summit 2009 budget v0.99 Must qgil 0%
9.08-07 Drive election process Must Jaffa 0%
9.08-08 Co-ordinate summit council responsibilities Must timsamoff 0% Merchandising/accomodation etc.
9.08-09 Promote summit & buzz/communication plan Must VDVsx 0%
9.08-10 Draft quality guidelines for extras-testing to extras promotion Should qgil 0%
9.06-12 #4405: Task:Proof-read Human Interface Guidelines Should dneary 98% Merge upstream and ensure process in place so edits aren't lost
9.04-05 Implement new layout and style - Bugzilla Should Andre 80% Rough version in place.
9.08-11 Document & communicate packages interface to testers Should Jaffa 0%
9.06-09 Vendor Hardware Repositories - decide on sub-tasks for next sprint Should Stskeeps 0%
9.06-14 Plan for the OMAP2 acceleration drivers Could qgil 10% Still blocked on TI contact.
9.08-12 Improve reporting feed appearance on sprint page Could Ferenc 0% To liaise with Jaffa
9.04-08 ITP process/workflow around prototype Could Jeremiah 90%


  • Jaffa: try and get some UI love for 9.06-05
  • timsamoff: to talk to keesj about accomodation and merchandise production in Amsterdam as part of 9.08-08.

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