[edit] List of IRC channels

All channels are hosted on Freenode.

  • #maemo - General discussion about the Maemo Platform.
  • #maemo-bugs - General discussion about bug management and triaging.
  • #maemo-devel - General discussion about development on the Maemo platform.
  • #maemo-gsoc - Support channel for the Google Summer of Code students working/willing to work with the Maemo Community.
  • #maemo-meeting - Meetings channel.
  • #maemo-ui - Maemo 5 UX Design discussion/consultancy/advices.
  • #maemo-ssu - General discussion about the Fremantle Community SSU.
  • #mer - General discussion about Mer.
  • #qt-maemo - Discussion/support for Qt in the Maemo platform.
  • #meego - General discussion about the MeeGo Platform.
  • #harmattan - Discussion around MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan.

[edit] Chat and Help

If you want to try out IRC then click here and pick a username when you're asked (it's not remembered or important for now) and type in one or more of the channels in the list above. This will give you a web-based chat window using the Freenode webchat service.

Say hello and mention that you followed the link on the wiki and ask for help or just talk to us :)

Then, if you like, you can search for an irc client for your machine and dive in.

[edit] Meetings

There are regular IRC meetings of the Maemo community and representatives of Nokia on a variety of subjects. These meetings will be held in #maemo-meeting, and usually be announced on either the mailing lists or

Logs of these meetings are available here.

[edit] Logs

Thanks to Marius Gedminas we have logs available in chronological order.

Logs from some IRC channels are archived on too (updated daily).

Live logs from #maemo channel are also on

[edit] Cloaks

Main article: IRC cloaks

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