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  1. Send an e-mail to carsten.munk at
    • Listing:
      • a nickname
      • name
      • optional affilation/occupation
      • area of interests
      • and where you are from.
  2. Name will be put along with affilation and area of interests (unless explicitly told not to show parts of this information) in the table below.
  3. You will get a Jaiku invite as well, that you're encouraged to use and post in #mer to keep the rest of us updated on what you're doing.


Please do not edit this table directly. See the above instructions for noting your interest in helping with Mer.

Nickname Name Affiliation (employer) or occupation Registered since Location Areas of interest
Stskeeps Carsten V. Munk Centre for Pervasive Healthcare, University of Aarhus. MSc. comp.sci. student Beginning Aarhus, Denmark Community, genericity of mobile platform.
JohnX John R. Bloom English Teacher Beginning US Hacking, packaging, fixing stuff
Jaffa Andrew Flegg Systems' architect 2009-01-18 UK Upstream (Ubuntu/Maemo) compatibility, user-experience
GeneralAntilles Ryan Abel Student 2009-01-22 US Public relations, documentation, infrastructure
Andrewfblack Andrew F. Black Radiation Protection Technician 2009-01-22 Alabama, US Theme Development
qwerty12 Faheem Pervez Student 2009-01-22 London, UK Mer packager. Porter of apps with basic hildonizing knowledge.
Meizirkki Roope Kuisma Student 2009-01-22 Finland Testing
vdvsx Valério Valério MSc Student 2009-01-22 Évora, Portugal User interfaces, communication, testing, Kernel
b-man Brian McKenzie Hacker/Porter/Student 2009-01-22 Ohio, US Hacker/Porter and also the developer of the Mer Project Installer
r2d2rogers Rob Rogers Web App Developer 2009-01-22 Louisiana, US Older hardware (770), QA/Bugs, Social media
lcuk Gary Birkett widget set designer 2009-01-23 Manchester, UK optimizing UI interactions and experience
wazd Andrew Zhilin Web Designer 2009-01-26 Moscow, Russia visual design, user interface design
zenvoid Roberto Gordo Saez Free as freedom! 2009-01-29 Spain Currently system sounds, but interested in a lot of areas, base system, packaging new apps, port to other devices (freerunner)
thopiekar Thomas (Karl) Pietrowski Student 2009-02-08 Solingen, Germany Community ( helping users), packaging, testing and creating solutions for users
ShutteR77 Yuri Shiryaev Student 2009-02-10 Russia visual design, user interface design, icons
worlderic Eric cheung Student 2009-03-09 China localization of chinese simplified & traditional
lbt David Greaves Enterprise Architect House husband 2009-03-11 UK Qt stuff, OS stuff
henri4 Henri Lelong Engineer 2009-03-13 Gentilly, France Linux
goshawk Vincenzo Ampolo Student & IT consultant & IT manager & Ubuntu supporter 2009-03-13 Milan, Italy Freerunner
pundiramit Amit Pundir Engineer/Student 2009-03-19 India Linux, Clutter, Beagleboard, EVM
bergwolf Peng Tao MSc student 2009-04-04 China Communication, kernel, filesystems
derkaiser Feng Gao Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,undergraduate student 2009-04-06 China Semantic, HCI, social, community, documentation, context-aware
mtc Matthew Craig Technical Consultant 2009-04-06 Boston, US Community, testing, upstream (Ubuntu)